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Besides the paintjob given to magnum, has anything else been done to any of the other rides, for example have the block breaks on anything changed or have any trains been added or taken off? (not that we all want the block breaks such as the ones on Mantis and Mean Streak...hence the " " around imporvments) but just in general has anything else been done? ...ha this ones out on a limb, any brutal attempts to liven up Disaster Transport again...

It was reported a little while ago that the MF trains were given a paintjob.

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The Skyride West Station got a Paint job.

I think Corkscrew had a few cross bars replaced in the corkscrews.

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Here's a question, whats the break on the first drop of mantis for? Also someone told me that the first season it was open, it valleyed, any truth to that?

The brake is a trim brake to slow ths ride down. I don't know about the valley thing.

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Thanks! Thats just what I was told, just curious

I have heard similar rumors about Mantis having a rollback.(I think it was when the brakes were first installed)


what do you mean by valley?

stall between 2 hills

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I think it's safe to say that nearly every coaster in the park has had a rollback at one point or another. It's nothing to get all worked up over.

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Not that it improves the ride, but was Demon Drop painted? Granted I was looking at it from the front gate but it looked brighter than I recall.

ohh, so its when the train fails to get over the next hill and ends up stuck out in the track somewhere? if thats the case, how do they get the train back to the station? exspecially if it were mantis before the inverted 2nd loop?

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Close the ride, maintenance then comes, disassembles the train and reloads it back on the storage track. It'll shut down the ride at least for the day, so it's a really bad thing to have happen.

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i believe some coasters have sections of track that our designed to be removed so the train can then be taken off without breaking the train down? MF?

*are..not our.. and yes i know how to edit!

They pull off the upstop wheels, unhitch the cars, and lift them off one by one with a crane. They don't take the track apart.

When MF rolled back during the morning test runs in 2000, they had it up and running at around 6 pm.

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MF does have a few places on it's circuit where rails of the track can be removed to recover a rolled back train. However, I don't think CP has used that methood any of the times that it has rolled back.

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Say a rollback were to occur on raptor...that would be a little more difficult to get a train off a track with it suspended...right?

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Nope, just support the train, and remove the top wheels. It'll drop down off the track.

The only one that's a problem is when Wicked Twister rolls back. That things a royal pain to get off the track and back in the station.

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