Going to the point in june, and I'm quite large, so sometimes have trouble fitting in restraints, and I've seen posts on other forums mentioning a few particularly tight belts!

(for reference - I'm ok in standard BandM seats, and the OTSRs on stealth and rita in the UK, and I got on piraten a couple of years ago in denmark (intamin mega light), and have lost a bit since then)

seems wicked twister is one of those - what is the restraint on this? and is it the same as possessed in dorney? (another park we're visiting)

also - MF and TTD are both mentioned - has anyone got a picture of the seating on these, so I can see what's what?

any other likely tight squeezes? is maverick the usual intamin OTSR as found on stealth and rita in the uk?


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-Wicked Twister's restrains are similar to B&M OTSR. However, the positioning is not ratcheting like B&Ms and the seat-belts are attached on the side of the restrains. Possessed has identical restraints to Wicked Twister.

-TTD & Millennium Force have the same restraints. However, the seat belts are not consistently the same length on each train.

-Maverick has the same restraints as Rita and Stormrunner.

ahh - looking at wicked twister (pic from closing day 2009), it looks very similar to tornado at parque de attractions in madrid - and I got on that no probs (and I've lost a bit since)

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Wicked Twister is the same train and restraints as Possessed at Dorney, but I found the seat belt to be just a little more forgiving on Possessed. With those restraints, it's mostly your shoulders and chest size that determine whether or not you'll fit.

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thanks guys!

hi again!

Has anyone got a picture of the current MF test seat - that shows the belt length please?


Last Year, I drove seven hours from Cleveland Ohio to Allentown Pennsylvania to Dorney Park.I went towards Possessed. first I wouldn't fit the seat belt into the test seat, The ride op told me they had bigger seats in rows 13 and 14, The tongue part of the seat belt reached in to the latch but got one push by the ride op and it clicks in on the side of the seat, rode it 13 times, It was just my shoulders are big, and I wasn't too tall for it. It fits alot better than Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. I'm a 300 lb guy, and 6'2.

Wiced Twister is not very forgiving when it comes to the seat belts. Whatever you do, do NOT attempt to ride in row 8 on the right side. Go for row 16 on the right side. The seat belt there is pretty forgiving.

Thanks TwistedWicker, that is a piece of info I have needed all year. I really don't want to do the walk of shame and have skipped the ride because of it. I guess I could make the walk of shame once if I knew I had tried the most forgiving belt. I have seen such a variation in belt length it really helps to know which is the best for my attempt.

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Hello! I'm worried about fitting myself and I'm going with a group of friends and I don't wait to embarass myself. I'm 5'2 and wear a size 18 in pants and weigh 225. Most of my wieght is in my stomach and thighs. However, I fit on EVERY ride and roller coaster and Six Flags Great America (X-Flight and Raging Bull were the only tight squeezes), Disney World, and Universal Studios Orlando. I've been reading some comments about rides that makes me think I'll fit, but then others that make me think I won't. Can anyone give me any advice on rides I should definitely stay away from? Thank you!

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There should be a permanent pinned guide to this question.

That's why I posted it here rather than making a new thread

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This thread is a good start.

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Today I did the "Walk of Shame" on Wicked Twister. The weird thing is I fit in it a month ago. I know I didn't gain weight since then. Maybe I just had extra water weight today or maybe I just had too much in my pockets. I'm a size 40 waist and about 215 pounds. That's the only ride that I've had trouble with. I fit on Millenium, Maverick and all other coasters with no problem.

These observations ^ couldn't be farther from the truth. Look at the manufacturer of each coaster to know what you might be facing as far as restraints go, each one is different.
btw, Gatekeeper has a big boy row, row 4, that's more comfortable for people of size.

Hmmm, I didn't know Wicked Twister has the same restraints as Maverick ;)

It doesn't.
But certainly doesn't have the same as Corkscrew.
My point was that the poster is confusing manufacturers (designers) and calling restraints between them identical. They aren't. But you knew that. :-)

RCMAC, I was more or less poking fun at jj4red's post and agreeing with yours

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The only thing identical between WT & Maverick is that they are OTSR, everything else is different.

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