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Hi everyone. We've started planning our trip and are thinking about staying in a cabin at Lighthouse Point. After pricing it out it seems that a cabin and 2 day CP tickets are the same price as a cabin and 2 day ride/slide package. Am I missing something? It seems a better deal to get the Ride/slide since it's the same price even though we had no intention of doing the water park (this would give us the option to do so with no price increase) Also thinking about a family suite at this in the old part of the hotel? I keep reading about that side not being the greatest. Our other option was The Holiday Inn Vermilion because hubby can use his points there for our room (2 rooms actually). If it matters our boys are 19, 16, and 12 and we can get two rooms there and save a lot of money but is the drive in and out daily worth it? I know it's 20 miles away! Thanks for any input you may have. I am an obsessive planner and we have never been to CP so this is all new. We are coming from Virginia!

If it were MY choice, I'd take the cabin and the ride and slide. That drive to and from compares badly to walking back and forth. And you'd have a small kitchen. One never know when an hour at Soak City is a welcome break, so if it's available at the same or lower price, why not? It just feels more like a vacation if you can park once and not drive for a couple days.


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When is your trip?

If its the same price, get the ride and slides, its good to have the option!

As for Hotel Breakers..... Breakers East and Tower are the "newer" sections of the hotel, with bon air, twin and main sections being the older parts. It should list in the room description on where the room is located. We always stay in the east/tower sections.

With the age of your kids, i would stay at the resorts. Being able to walk to your room/cabin for refreshments, relax, pool and beach time etc., is all worth it in my opinion. My kids are 6 and we will never stay anywhere else when we visit the park!

Since its your first visit, spoil your family with Fast Lane for a day if you can! Figure in the cost, and decide when you get there if the crowd warrants it or not, just depends on when you visit!

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Trip is June 23rd approximately....not final dates yet. There's about a $300 to stay onsite vs off for us. Definitely worth it I think. Not sure if we'll purchase the Fast Passes though. Wish they did like Universal Studios and gave it to you for staying onsite lol. We are spoiled when we go there! Thanks for the tip about figuring out the room location. Seems obvious now ;) I think I am leaning toward the cabin vs Breakers. Is it a pretty easy walk? I know the prices aren't out for the Fast Pass this year but do you remember what they were in 2013? I seem to recall them being slighter cheaper the more you purchase (5 people in our family)

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I think regular Fast Lane was $70 per person for 4 or more and Fast Lane Plus was $85 per person for 4 or more people. The price was $5 more per person on Saturdays. The price may be different this year.

Its an easy walk, but there is a shuttle to take you to whatever entrance you want to go to or back to your cabin area.

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pixeegrl said:
Wish they did like Universal Studios and gave it to you for staying onsite lol.

Keep in mind that staying on site does get you early entry into the park. That can definitely save you some waiting in lines later in the day.

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