Raptor and TTD paint

Do you guys think they're done painting for the year in the means of weather conditions?

I'm thinking so and they will continue in March or April.

It would be nice if TTD was done by opening day. It will look pretty funky half painted. I remember MF looked so weird with a quarter of the lift hill painted.

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I thought they made really good progress on TTD. Looks to me like 2/3 of the way finished. Is Raptor fully painted?

I believe that Tony stated during the Periscope live chat that most of the ride is done, just a few parts on the lift hill and other areas only need to be done. I'd say 90% or more of the ride have painted.

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Today I was looking at the 3rd Live Webcam. I saw 2 cranes at the Skyhawlk. Does anyone know what they were doing?

^ my best guess is they take out the cables in the winter and change them annually. Just a guess, though.

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Don't want them snapping... that would be dangerous!


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Wow! Raptor has a new lighting package on it already! The new lights were on the lift hill this morning! They were a solid bright green lights stretching all the way up the lift hill!

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I noticed the lights too! Looks bright and awesome!

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Noone thought hey grab a still to share with everyone? :P

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I grabbed one, but I can never figure out how to post a picture in the thread.

Here we go! http://imgur.com/MUvA7Ps

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So Raptor just got Fury'd

Corkscrew, Power Tower, Magnum, & Monster/ Witches Wheel Crew 2011

That looks awesome

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It looks great right now, surprised seeing only that and GK lit up.

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Don't they usually light up everything around this time every year for the flight to the North Pole?

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I've always been a big advocate of coasters having a lighting package the same as their color scheme ... Hopefully this catches on a bit with some of the others.

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I'd like to see the chasing strobes restored on Magnum's lift hill!

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Ghostly purple lighting for banshee, new eerie green light bulbs for raptor? Give the raptor the full wash, wax and polish.

I wouldn't mind seeing Raptor's entrance and station redone in the style of Fury 325's, though it'd be hard to find a motif that works as well as Fury's hornets-nest hexagons.

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They need a photo op in front of Raptors entrance. And it needs to be a giant nest with some hatched eggs that people can take photos in. That's seems like an appropriate homage to Raptor that no one will get.......well ok, maybe a few will get the reference. :)

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I wonder how much of TTD they have left to paint. Wonder if they are even half way done? I know they are not painting currently but would be interesting to see how much more they will complete come spring.

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