Raptor and TTD paint

Bird spikes are not always effective, sometimes birds will build their nests in them. Securing spikes with glue is a risky move, they can not just drill holes in supports to bolt on spikes, and using straps to secure would look plain ugly. Now if the park hired a falcon handler to come in every morning, that may make a huge difference.

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Just put a plastic owl on the top of every support. :)

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Bird spikes on top of something that moves at 50 mph. What could go wrong if one came loose?

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Even if Raptor gets bird sh_t all over it again it will still at least no longer look like the rusty mess it was!

This might be an old topic, but did Rougarou get a new lighting package last year?

I wouldn't call it an all new lighting package per se. More like upgraded flood lights and removal of the outdated lift hill runner lights. But I'm sure there's more to it than what I saw

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Yeah I think the second half of Rougarou was/is more well lit than Mantis ever was. They also removed all the old style rows of lights that covered the ceiling of the station.

What they did probably makes the most sense. The main visual attraction for Rougarou is the vertical loop which is very well lit.

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I was just watching the live video cam and it is zoomed on Raptor. Crazy how many birds sit on top of that ride.

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Well it just makes sense that the birds are attracted to the bird themed coaster.

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Better start pre-emptively shooing them off Valravn, then. XP

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How does the new paint on TTD look? How far along did they get?

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Looks great. And it looks like there's one small section left on the drop.

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The amount of gull crap already covering Raptor is depressing.

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I'm not sure how I feel about the bright fuchsia color on the raptor trains. I thought the original was more of a purple?

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The train does have some purple on it, but the pink/fuchsia color is used on and around the station as well. Just think of it as the "1994" color element.

Back then, you could buy a sweet windbreaker with those colors in the gift shop.

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If you go back to the original Raptor promo, you will see the magenta color on that portion of the train. But even since the grand opening of the ride, it's always been purple. Personally, I love the change. It really makes the trains "pop," especially with the rest of the paint refresh.

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Was also nice to see Skyhawk looking like new. Now time for Wicked Twister and Maverick.

appearance isn't everything.. But when you're the best it's high on the list. I applaud CP for allowing appearance into their budget. When I visit certain lesser parks, I cringe at the very sight of their decaying coasters, buildings, and attractions. Faded paint is one thing, rust really grinds my gears.

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Keep in mind CP is host of the Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards this year, the park should look top notch this year especially so.

Management has been doing an excellent job in the last few years at overall maintenance.

This make me wonder what is in store short term for the unsightly Challenge Park demolition area that thousands of guests will walk past to enter CP and Soak City this year. Seems odd that they couldn't have just left the attractions in place, with closed for season signs.

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I would personally much rather walk by a demolition/construction area than a SBNO ride area. At least demolition kinda says "We have a plan and are working on it."


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