Raptor and TTD paint

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Sorry, but I can't see any difference from that far away.

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The picture is also missing the large dive coaster behind it...

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CoasterGuy15, that picture is tiny. Perhaps a larger photo would help, or a link to one. That said, after getting out my magnifying glass, I do see, on the left, the new paint.

I can't see the pic above... But while I was at the park yesterday, we went to Burger Patio for the $3 burgers.. I was getting ketchup and mustard on them, and looking down at all these green flakies in the drip tray on the condiment stand. Kept wondering what the heck they were... Then I looked up at Raptor above me. Ahh, the tray was full of Raptor paint chips!! Hopefully they were from them pressure washing the track to repaint it, and not just randomly falling paint.. There was alot in there!

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CoasterGuy15 said:

And dear God, please don't say you can't see the change :/

You posted a 240x320 image with poor dynamic range. So, no, there is nothing visibly indicating an improvement. The track is maybe 4 pixels wide, and either in shadow or bright sun.

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Thank you for the picture CoasterGuy15. The contrast between the paint is very clear to me. Once the entire coaster is painted, it will look great.

Until I walked past Raptor today, I never realized how chipped the paint is in A LOT of spots. The thing I hope they do is bird poop prevention though.

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I appreciate someone not criticizing my ¨tiny, poor picture"... thought it provided some visual assistance rather than just saying ¨oh part of the cobra roll was painted¨.

It provided good visual assistance. Critics will always be critics

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Saw the new paint on closing day, and all I can say is that the pictures here and that Tony Clark have posted don't do it justice. It's very noticeable in person. I will concede that the yellow on the tower doesn't "POP" like the red and white do, but its noticeable never the less.

My boss and his girlfriend went with last year for Halloweekends, and when I mentioned today at lunch time that they were finally repainting Dragster and Raptor in addition to building Valravn, he said "I didn't think dragster looked bad at all, why are they doing that?". I showed him the pictures Tony Clark posted and he promptly changed his mind.

Anyone notice some additional lights on TTD at night on the webcams? Must be for painting purposes....

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Wasn't it announced that Raptor is getting a new lighting package or am I just going crazy?

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I don't recall officially hearing that, but I think they should take this opportunity to do it. I think liting up the lift similar to Fury 325 would be really cool.

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CPboy77 said:
Anyone notice some additional lights on TTD at night on the webcams? Must be for painting purposes....

Those are the maintenance lights. And they could very well be utilizing them for the painting process. But I don't know how late they would be working into the night as far as painting goes.

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CoasterKyle1121 said:
Wasn't it announced that Raptor is getting a new lighting package or am I just going crazy?

Tony did mention that there would be some other things in addition to the paint jobs but didn't elaborate on that. He mentions that in the same blog post about the paint jobs. Would love to see a nice green LED package added to Raptor similar to MF and PT.

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Take it for what it's worth, but I heard Raptor will receive a lighting package on the lift similar to Fury.

I really hope Raptor does get new lighting... The yellow, 3000K or lower spotlights they have shining all over that ride look terrible. I hope it gets some nice, white lighting. It just looks so out of place now with how nice the rest of the midway looks.

I'm sure that we'll see a lighting package "unlike anything we've ever seen at the park before", just like Rougarou's "theming" ;)

In all seriousness, modernizing Raptor's lighting seems likely, considering the whole park is headed in the direction of swapping out for LEDs, and that is going to be the star area next season.

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Yeah I was a bit disappointed that Rougarou really didn't have theming, and work as well. The repaint & everything was fantastic, but lately when they promise theming, they deliver. This wasn't up to their usual standards as of late IMO.

I hope Raptor looks fantastic lit up at night now, it def. deserves it. And a few automatic gull turrets as well I think.

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Yeah, they underdelivered on the theming aspect, but overall the ride was a huge improvement. I was blown away by Banshee's station when I visited Kings Island for the first time this year. But KI originally opened as a theme park, CP did not.

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