Questions from a Prospective Employee

I've been looking into applying as Ride Host for the 2019 season at the park. I was able to get most of my questions answered with a little research on the site. However, a few nagging ones still remain;

1) Will prior experience working as a ride operator lend me any credibility towards being selected for any particular crew?

2) At my old park, I functioned as filler for every crew in my area; while at a larger park I can imagine that wouldn't be possible, but is cross-training still a possibility?

3) If I know I function better at certain attraction styles, such as coasters where meeting intervals safely is a priority, is that worth mentioning during my interview? I'm also comfortable working crowd control positions, if that's tied to any specific ride. More importantly, is it worth mentioning the types of rides I'm not the best working at?

4) What types of rides qualify as slow loading? Fast loading? Anything in between?

5) I understand there's never a guarantee that you'll be at a specific ride crew, even after you're contracted for it, but is it possible to fully transfer crews partway through the season?

6) If I'd rather work high demand rides, is it worth noting that in my interview? That includes staying about an extra hour or two after closing to accommodate emptying a queue, such as on a major or low-capacity ride.

7) Is it more convenient to live in employee housing or find a roommate for the time being? I've heard some odd stories about employee housing, but if it's cheaper overall and quiet hours will generally be respected, I have no problem.

8) Do contracts exist that allow one to return to school without breaking a contract? I'm assuming that would be set up upon being hired, but I just want to make sure returning to school wouldn't jeopardize my future employment opportunities at the park.

Looking forward to applying and hopefully joining the Cedar Point family next summer!

1. I know plenty of people who have experience at other amusement parks, although I don't know if that had any affect on them getting hired.

2. Yes cross-training does happen.

3. You'll have plenty of opportunities in any interviews to discuss previous experiences at your original park.

4. Coasters tend to be faster paced, flat rides slower paced, and kids rides you set your own pace.

5. Transfers do happen during the season. I had a fair number of people leave and join my crews over the years.

6. As of when I interviewed, a few years back, they asked you about what kind of pace you prefer, whether you prefer working with kids or adults, if you're afraid of heights etc.

7. I've lived in employee housing all 4 seasons, so I cannot fairly compare it to living on your own.

8. Yes! The managers are very understanding about school. Depending how close you go to school, they often set up contracts where your "full time" stretch ends before you go back to school, then you work weekends through the end of the season. If you go to school farther away, then your contract will typically end when you go back to school.

2015 - Ride Host: Shoot the Rapids 2016 - Team Leader: Ripcord/Challenge Golf 2017 - Supervisor: Thunder Canyon 2018 - Supervisor: Camp Snoopy 2019 - Supervisor: Power Tower

Thank you very much! That's all very good information to have; I'm looking forward to applying for next season!

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