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I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions about EMS on the point. I am interested in working the summer 2019 season as an EMT on the point. Some background about myself I currently work as an EMT-B on a 911 rig my agency runs basic/medic rigs . So here are a few of my questions. How does the shift schedule work for EMS personnel ? How are the living arrangements do EMS/ Fire/ PD live in housing separate from the rest of the employees ? Also do you guys transport at ALS or BLS level? As a basic would I be responding to calls inside the park or would I just be at the first aid station most of the day? Finally what's the day to day like as an EMT on the point ? If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it thanks in advance .

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This would also interest me. I’m a medic in Indianapolis so I’m not necessarily trying to move to Sandusky to work a seasonal job, but I’m very curious how EMS is run on point.

EMS responds to anything within the CPPD purvue in seasom. They are based at in-park First Aid so mostly work on-point during the season but could
Handle off point stuff when staffed.

Off-season so far, it has seemed to be the Sandusky FD that handles these least in my experiemce.

So! I'm pretty sure, don't quote me on this, EMS has the option of living in Bayside, which is the apartments. I know that security lived it Bayside and I believe their was an EMS who lived with my boyfriend in Bayside, but I don't know if he just moved there for the Haunt season. I lived there last season and it wasn't the worst. It was nice to have the kitchen and what not. Unfortunately that's the only question I can answer for you. Hope it helped :)

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