Question on Season Pass

Anyone at the park today?

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A fair number of people, by the looks of it.


I agree. I'm here alone looking for a riding partner

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cptedsdisciple2 mentioned needing to have his photo taken at the Season Pass center.

I renewed our Platinum Passes on-line in February as I have for 6 years now. When I did it, there was a message saying that I would need to have our photos updated at the park. With that in mind, we showed up on opening day and per usual I brought the printed receipts from the February transaction just in case.

We went to a ticket taker who scanned our passes and told us that we need to go sometime at our leisure to the pass center to have new pictures taken, we could stop in on our way out later. We haven't yet done so yet and are at 6 visits and counting. No other ticket taker has mentioned the pictures.

(I wonder if "ticket taker" is even the right term these days, you know, I need to be PC)

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Maybe "admissions associate" is the PC term.

Michigan's Adventure is going to be doing season pass processing right at the turnstile this year, so I'm curious how that'll go. So you wouldn't need to go to the season pass office at all.

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Barcode Engineer sounds better.

How about GateKeeper?

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