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I plan on buying a platinum pass tomorrow for the first time. I plan on using the payment plan, and am just curious if I'll be able to use my my when I go on the 13th while still paying it off? Kind of a dumb question but would like to be confident, thanks..

Yes, the pass is valid as soon as you purchase it.

Thank you very much for the fast reply!

Very true, but as long as your payment is current. The payment plan is wonderful. I wasn't going to renew my PP with the meal plan, but renewing at the end of the season with 9 months to pay, it was a no brainer for me. I won't miss $30/month. My last payment of 30-ish dollars was paid last month.

My youngest will be 19 this year, and miss the days of taking the kids to Cedar Point. But there is a new tradition of Breakers and BBQ and Brew in a few weeks with my eldest son(23) for his birthday. My middle son turns 21 this summer, and looking forward to a few beverages on the trail this summer.

Thanks for sharing. Just started the payment plan, says I need to print tickets. Thought it was an actual card with your picture on it? Whats the next step, just print tickets every time I want to go?

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Take your season pass voucher to the season pass center at the park to process it. They will take your picture then issue you your platinum pass. Your pass will not have a picture on it but will show up whenever it's scanned. I would then download the Cedar Point app and put your season pass in the app as well so you have it on your phone.

You can check out the parks website for th season pass center hours.

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If you are doing it today, be prepared for a crazy long line at the season pass center. Opening Day is notorious for that line snaking around the building. I have to upgrade my regular pass to platinum and am going tomorrow, and am dreading that line. Unfortunately I don't live close enough to the park to make going in the preseason a practical option.

I think the weather forecast for the weekend is going to keep crowds on the lighter side even if the day today ends u being halfway decent weather-wise.


You should be able to enter the park with the voucher and get your pass made later in the day, if the line is longin the morning.

While I will most likely always buy the Platinum pass from Cedar Fair, it just kills me as to how much more they charge than Six Flags.

Cedar Fair Platinum pass plus Platinum Food pass plus drink plan cost me $400 which includes early admission (biggest perk), parking, 2 meals and all drinks.

Six Flags Gold pass purchased last fall cost $160 includes admission and parking plus 2 meals PLUS 1 snack (HUGE pretzels, ice cream, etc) PLUS all drinks at ALL Six Flags parks. The only limitation is that it does not include water parks that are not in the actual parks since I purchased my pass through Six Flags Great America. Purchasing it last fall got me a free admission for another person last fall, too.

And before anyone says how awful Six Flags' operations are, I got to ride El Toro 2 nights in a row for the last hour of each night without ever having to walk out of the station. The second night was with only one train running so I got even more rides in during that time than the first night with 2 trains running because the second train wasn't in the way. I can't even remember the last time a Cedar Fair park let me even just move to another seat that wasn't being used. Most other parks or chains actually prefer someone to ride in a seat and buckle the seat belt rather than having the operators do that for an empty seat.

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Six Flags pricing will put them in a race to the bottom, just like it did before. CF pricing is smart and sustainable for the business, they are not giving the gate away just to get bodies in the park. Since CF has record results every year people obviously find value in what CF offers at the price they charge.

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You could save about $100 if you buy your Platinum Pass from Canada's Wonderland. The exchange rate is very favourable for Americans.

codeGR said:
You could save about $100 if you buy your Platinum Pass from Canada's Wonderland. The exchange rate is very favourable for Americans.

My wife and I just did this today. We live outside Buffalo, NY so we are only about 2 hours from Wonderland. They were actually $185 at the park (through Sunday instead of the normal $201 to renew I was told). I got $1.34 at the border for the exchange rate so it's a win for us since we live close and really enjoy the park. They have a lot to offer including the craziest flat ride collection (though the new one, Soaring Timbers, was down today). Love Leviathan, Behemoth and Vortex too. I worry every year that Cedar Fair is going to figure it out and raise the price at Wonderland since you're paying in Canadian, but so far so good. They also were doing the 20 ounce cups for the drink plan, I know that it's been a lot of the smaller cups elsewhere.

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I don't think they'll raise the price of the Platinum Pass at Wonderland as they sell so few...

Seriously, last weekend I had the team member at Behemoth's shop not recognize what my Platinum Pass was and tell me I gave her the wrong card...

Got my pass at CP today after work. The employees were for the most part friendly and helpful but it is amazing how Cedar Point manages to make a science project out of the simplest transaction. First, I was forbidden to renew my pass online so I had to go to the park to get my picture retaken. Only one line was open so I waited in the 20 minute line to get to the window only to be instructed to go inside and use the computer. (It would have been nice if they had someone explaining this or a sign, but it was a nice day...) So after going through security to get to the season pass center(!?!?) I was photographed, then told that my pass would not process and was finally given a new pass. As I am 6'6" tall, the girl taking my photo apparently did not know how to raise the camera and got a truly stunning shot of the outline of my bellybutton against my shirt with my collar and part of my neck visible. (I cannot wait to see how that goes over at the turnstyles.) But, after this performance I got my pass and am ready for the preview on Friday.

Any ideas why they need metal detectors to enter the season pass center? It would be so completely easy and intuitive to throw a weapon over or under the fence and pick it up inside...This place is getting more and more ghetto every year.

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Going through security to get to SP sales/processing is nothing compared to CGA where you have to first either the park and then hope you find the season pass building.

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Presumably, the metal detectors to enter the season pass center are because you exit the season pass center on the opposite site of the other metal detectors. Without them, you could bypass having to go through the metal detectors by going through the season pass center.

Not going to touch on the accuracy or justification of said detectors.

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cptedsdisciple2 said:

Only one line was open so I waited in the 20 minute line to get to the window only to be instructed to go inside and use the computer. (It would have been nice if they had someone explaining this or a sign, but it was a nice day...)

They used to have a sign that pointed those with purchased passes (the windows outside are to buy, not process) around to the side entrance.


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I like to think of it as WAY cheaper than anything in Florida rather than more expensive than some parks.

I'm going out to get some air.

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They don't sell a lot at CW. I got mine yesterday and was thrilled to enjoy $210 CDN vs $210 US and the person who sold it said it was the first they saw all year.

I'm going out to get some air.

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