Question on Platinum Passholder Discount on Tickets

New here and excited to go to the Point for the first time this summer! I'm meeting up with some friends, who only plan on 1 day. I'm going for three, so I bought the Platinum Pass (to cover parking, admission, and an upcoming trip to Knott's Berry Farm).

I noticed the following discounts are available: "On Fridays throughout the season, passholders may purchase up to four tickets for friends at the discount rate of $29.99 each. All other days throughout the season, passholders may purchase one ticket per day for $39.99."

My question is this: if I purchase the tickets with the discount on Friday, can they only be used on Friday or can they be used any other day (like Saturday)?

Thaks for the help!

Well I received a response from Cedar Point that they can only be used on the day of purchase. Bummer!

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Thanks for the update.

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