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As a former Houghton and Hancock (technically Ripley) resident, I don't miss this time of year. Summer, as you say, is just beautiful up there, fall's pretty spectacular, and at least the first couple months of winter are all great. But the seemingly-endless snow gets a little old this time of year.


I can’t imagine. When we went to Mackinac for a couple of days we learned a lot about off-season there and how it’s managed. Snow mobile trails across the water (marked by tinseled Christmas trees for night driving), and entire tourist towns shutting down for the winter with residents getting supplies and packing it in for the winter. The UP seemed like it would be so desolate.
Hancock is listed at the “third snowiest” place in the US. No thanks, Ohio snow is enough for me.

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Farmington Hills, MI 48335

Girl: "l want to ride that yellow one again... Twisted Wicker"
Me: "It's a roller coaster, not a broken clothes hamper."

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More updates in!

Jimmyburke, I can't believe how many trees are down and the devastation I can see. I can't imagine what it actually looks like from the ground. I'm praying for a safe recovery for you and your family and friends in the area.

We have a new record for farthest north, congratulations Banshee72! That looks like a beautiful area, I haven't had the pleasure of making it much farther north than Tahquamenon but I really do need to change that. Being a bit of the history nut that I am, have you ever made it up the the Calumet Air Force Station? I stumbled upon that in google maps and it piqued my curiosity.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

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It's beautiful up here in the summer

My favorite spot is Calumet Waterworks Park, my wife an I are avid rockhounds, and love the agate hunting there.

I'm not quite as active here as I used to be, but what the heck, I'd love to be on the map.

Flint Township, MI 48532

Oh I just messed things a bit, formerly San Diego, now West Mifflin PA. I might just get to the Point again......

Been all over, but currently in Seattle, WA 98122

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