Platinum pass or daily pass? Finding the cheapest way

My boys and I will be driving from toronto to cedar point this summer for one full day, one night in a hotel, and another half day at cedar point. We will probably visit our local park, wonderland, only once this year as we've gone many times. I'm doing my budget and their are of couple of choices I'm not sure about. We have a tight budget, so finding the lowest price is really important. It seems that buying individual tickets (at a discounted rate online) for two days and staying offsite seems to be the cheapest. Can you take a look at each budget and add anything that may make a difference. Price is for three people. Thanks

Platinum pass- $690, hotel offsite $130, wonderland and parking included = $820

Two day pass and hotel breakers $532, one day at wonderland $140 =$672

Same except at express, parking $30, $422 and one day at wonderland=$570

Single day twice- $270, hotel off site $130, parking $30, single day at wonderland $140= $570

The last two are identical with breakfast but offsite has a nicer hotel

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We need a little more info: How many boys do you have? Will the tickets be Jr. or regular admission?

Boys are 8 and 11 and regular admission

Just quickly doing the math, I figure your best plan would be to stay at Breakers Express. You will get discounted tickets, I believe 40USD each. Also, you will get free parking to the park and early entry both days.

I thought breakers express doesn't include parking? Is it within walking distance?

Also, are their restaurants around the area or do we have to drive to find something. I'm thinking more for dinner. Also, what about meal plans? Does cedar point have any?

You get a parking voucher to park at the park. There are a lot of restaurants close by, but probably out of walking distance. CP has a $30 meal plan. It allows a meal, minus a drink, every 90 minutes. Buy one, and the three of you will not go hungry all day.

I recommend Hotel Breakers. After you have parked & checked in, you're good to go. After a first long day of fun and excitement, why load into a car and drive? The Breakers is just a few steps away from several gates. It also gives you the option of taking a quick refreshing break from the heat on a hot summer day. The Breakers also has 3 full service food venues-no need to drive off site unless you choose fast food options. I do agree with t2fastspin, the $30 meal plan is a great deal! I have got it. Most choices have enough food for 2 people to share, and every 90 minuets-that's 8 1/2 meals in a normal operating day(utilizing early entry). Most importantly-just have fun !

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Before deciding on the meal plan check the website and make sure you all like the options provided on it. Also before deciding to share 1 meal plan between 3 people decide if you want to have to spend all day saying to your kids "sorry, we cant get in that 45 min line right now, we have to eat in 20 minutes." I dont know about you but for me the meal plan shared between 3 people, especially with two growing boys, would only work if we got food every 90 minutes on the dot. Constantly having to stop having fun to find a participating food stand sounds like a drag.

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Its close in prices either way. I know we always try to find the best deal for our family too. Depending on when you plan to go there have been so many Cedar Point online ticket deals. Make sure to follow Cedar Point on FaceBook or Twitter to see the offers first, or check their website often.

It may also save to have one person buy a Platinum Pass if you go on the specified dates for Bring a Buddy discounts- Fridays tickets are $29.99 (info on the Cedar Point website under the Frequently Asked Questions) Only one pass per car is needed for free parking.

I think there's a thread on pointbuzz about Hotel Breakers discount codes. We go in May when hotel prices are cheaper- the convenience and early entry (even the morning you arrive) is worth it for our family.

We enjoyed the All Day Meal Plan in May. We shared between 2 people. When we were there the food stands didn't start making food until 11am- so using it during early entry wasn't an option. We used it 4 times a day and that was plenty to get our money's worth and not go hungry.
Have fun planning your trip!

Don't underestimate the 1 hour ert you get with a pass or staying at one of there hotels. That can save you hours of waiting in line.

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