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Hey there,
I recently purchased a season pass and will(hopefully)be visiting the park on May 25th(this Sunday) with my cousin whom I have not hung out with in forever. There is just one problem, or well, I guess two. When my pass was purchased, it was purchased with a second pass, and the information on the receipt about who owns it is not mine. In other words, my boyfriend and I got the passes together, but he has to work that day. Would I be able to take the receipt myself, and just get my pass on Sunday or how would that work?

The second problem is that my cousin does not have a season pass, and would need to purchase a ticket for herself. I saw somewhere on the website that pass-holders can purchase one ticket at a discounted price for every day but Friday, where they can get up to four. In order for my cousin to get the discounted ticket, can I just go with her to the ticket booth and present them with my card, or would I have to do something online that day for it? I am just a little confused. Thanks!!


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You would be able to get only your own pass for yourself that day, just take the paperwork there with you and you will get your pass. As for your cousin, I think you just show your pass at the ticket booth when purchasing tickets.

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Okay. Thank you very much Brian.

Thabto said:
As for your cousin, I think you just show your pass at the ticket booth when purchasing tickets.

Would said cousin be able to enter with you for Early Entry? Or would she have to wait until 10?

The discount doesn't get you early entry. Only on the two Passholder Appreciation weekends do the discounted tickets ($19.95) get you early entry, the other discounts do not include Early Entry.

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