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Hi folks,

I was wondering if Platinum Pass holders are allowed to bring a friend to Early Entry and Exclusive Ride Nights?

Also does anybody know if you get free parking the 1st day when you show up to have your season pass processed? I was hoping if I bought the pass online I could show the parking gate the receipt.


Yes, they can come early with you, BUT! sometimes they fight you a little until they find out.

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Early entry is only available to Platinum Pass Holders and Resort guests. You can bring your friend, but they won't get in. Same with the PP ERT nights. You can bring a friend, but they can't ride without also having a PP.

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KI was able to scan my pass printout for free parking when I originally processed it there. Hopefully CP parking could do the same, but if not, you can show your parking receipt and be reimbursed after processing your pass.

I would call the park just to make sure. Last time I went with my friends, they were allowed in an hour early. I don't see the reason of being able to let your friends in with you for a discounted price, but having to wait at the gate for an hour by their self, not being allowed in the park an hour early with you. Same goes for ERT. Why should they have to leave the park while you ride for an hour after closing? That's why I always carry my old Platinum Passes in my wallet, so my friends can flash them for ERT.

^ So because you feel the system is unfair, you have decided to cheat the system and lie to the ride ops to get your friends on early? Sounds ethical...

It's not ethical, but it's certainly cheaper and a nice thing to do for your friends. It's not like he's killing anyone, lol. Of the absurd number of people that do ERT events, having a few of your friends come and fill the line is going to do nothing to your overall wait. With the economy in the better state it's in and the platinum pass fee being not too bad, too many people are getting them nowadays. It's ridiculous.

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