Planning a trip with three potential weeks

It's been 6 years since I've been to CP (Not to mention a long time since I've posted here), and I'm finally able to afford a trip next year, and I'm trying to find the best week to go, and I've currently got three possibilities (Note that all of these days are Mon/Tue):

May 20/21, the week before Memorial Day

June 4/5, the week AFTER Memorial Day

Aug 27/28, the last week of August

I'm planning on this being a large trip, visiting CP for 2 days before hitting King's Island and then Holiday World.

Which week is going to have the lightest crowds? I know Soak City probably won't be open (or will have REALLY short hours) if I go for the first option, but I don't really care much. I'm mainly hoping to get as many rides on Steel Vengeance as possible.

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Shane Denmark -

You mention Soak City (now CP Shores) having short hours in early May... If past years are any indication, Cedar Point will close at 8pm that early in the season as well.

CP Maverick -

You should note Kings Island ends daily operations a week before Cedar Point.

Dennis Urban -

May 20/21 will still have school trip busses.

Aug 27/28 will be a light crowd. Colleges are back in session,Ohio grade school and high school classes have started. Michigan schools haven't started at that time yet,so lot of Michigan people. For me and a lot of enthusiasts,it's the 'great week',all rides typically operating and short lines. Because of staffing shortage(typical for that week),food services are not up to their summer best.

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Last week of August is usually excellent for CP. Kings Island isn't open that week though. I'd go the week before Memorial Day. Although the week after should be fine.

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Keep in mind that CoasterMania is the first Friday in June, which is June 1st next year. If you could re-arrange you schedule slightly, you could make it for that event.

Also, right after CoasterMania for the past few years something big has happened to the park. Major water main breaks and that huge wind storm come to mind. Just something to keep in mind if your into jinxes or whatever.

Conversely, depending on your schedule, you may be able to do Holliwood nights @ Holiday World which is usually held the same day as CoasterMania.

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Soak city/ CPS opens memorial day weekend.
It’s a LOT nicer than it used to be and worth the visit if you like water parks at all. Memorial Day and the days after are usually very light crowds.

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