Planning a trip for July 2014 - Questions

Hey everyone, I'm planning my annual CP trip for this July, but I have a few questions.

1. I'm looking into the platinum pass easy pay program, does anyone know how it works? It says 6 payments, but what if the payments extend past my vacation date? Do I pay the remaining amount in full to receive my pass?

2. Is the Bon Air section in Breakers really that bad? I've only ever walked by the hallways and seen pictures on TripAdvisor. I've stayed in the Towers section previously and had a good experience. I'm looking at staying 3 nights and it seems they've up'd the prices this year, charging over $700. Instead, we could stay in a Bon Air room for $300 for 3 nights. My biggest concerns of Bon Air: the cleanliness, security, and noise at night. (I'm really just looking for a clean place to sleep, we don't need any frills).

3. Would anyone recommend any off-site hotels/motels? We may be coming in late at night for the first night, and we don't really feel like paying the $200 room charge to only be in it for a few hours :p

Thanks for your help!

I stayed in both the towers and Bon-Air last summer.

As far as noise goes - you are staying in a hotel full of all ages of children. My experience was that I had more noise in the towers, but I would assume that is all about who was staying around me those nights.

I have had not security issues in Bon-Air, but I didn't leave expensive things in my room in the first place. Every time I have stayed there I have been on the first floor with a window facing the north parking lot. Zero issues.

I have no issue with Bon-Air's conditions. If you have ever stayed at an interstate "motel", it is about the same conditions. Sheets were clean as was the bathroom and everything in our room worked as it should. Was it a Hyatt or 4-Seasons? No, but neither are the towers.

I have had crappy rooms in expensive hotels and nice rooms in what otherwise looked like a dump. For the limited amount of time spent in your room, there is nothing wrong with Bon-Air (IMHO).

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I have heard great things about a little motel called Maples. It's right on the Cleveland Rd. or Rt. 6.

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Thanks for your replies. Do you happen to know if the Bon Air rooms have room safes? I think that would put my mind more at ease.

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I've stayed at Maples, and the owners are really nice. The rooms are also kept clean. The only issue is if you can't sleep through trains. They pass through what seems like every 30 minutes, and it's quite loud. I'm a heavy sleeper so I didn't have an issue, but they also have ear plugs. The Motel 6 in Huron is a good option as well, but is a little further down the road.

I recommend South Shore Inn on Cleveland Rd. They are clean, close and comfortable. Plus they usually keep the pool open late until like 2 or 3 am. Nice to help the kids sleep great and for drinks for the adults.

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