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Hi guys, my friends and I are making a college trip to Cedar Point right after classes end and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for places to camp near Cedar Point. Obviously there are places like Camper Village that I know of but my friend would like to go somewhere that's less "modern" and more "outdoors-y," possibly near a lake. Ideally it would just be a lot where we can pitch a tent, fish, and have a more camp-like experience before we go to the amusement park the following day. Anyone know of any good places?

Also, has anyone been to Cedar Point during math week? Is it busy enough to reschedule our trip a week later? We would like to have full advantage of having the least amount of people there since its May. If its going to be full of rowdy obnoxious highschoolers it kind of defeats the purpose.

Thanks for all and any input!

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Tent camping is not allowed at Camper Village. So if that's your plan, CV is not an option.

Try the Bayshore KOA.

It's been a few years since I've stayed there, but I've always liked it.

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I found Math week a good time to go. The kids are not rowdy. They are busy doing their school work. They usually leave around 6pm, too. So, that leaves 2 hours of coaster nirvana!

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KOA is close but has lots of train noise as its close to a main line. Trains run 24/7. East Harbor State Park is nice and its out on Catawba Island. Its about a 20 min drive to CP from there. Great place to stay.

Math week wont be any busier that any other week before school is out. There are usually several schools that have field trips to the park on any given day. You can't really predict. Crowds will be light during the week before Memorial Day.

Here is a good link to some campground reviews in Sandusky:

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Thanks everyone for the replies~

I'll definitely be checking out East Harbor State Park; that is most likely where we'll be staying now, thanks!

Looks like we won't push back the trip. Hope it isn't crowded as you guys said. We'll update once we make the trip~

We went last year Thursday and Friday of opening week, Thursday was a ghost town, Friday was packed. We got the Fast Lane for Friday and had a fantastic day :)

Had so much fun we are doing the exact same trip this year. Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th.

We're going that week too. Well we'll be there Friday the 17th and Saturday the 18th. I'm hoping Friday isn't too busy because I don't know if we're going to be able to get the fast pass both days like we originally planned since the price went up. :( Saturday will probably be decently busy like it's been the last two years we went so we're definitely getting the fast pass then. I can't wait and I'm so excited!' I hope you guys have a good time too!!


Going the 17th and 18th as well. Hopefully, we only have to buy FL for Sat. Would be $320 for FL for two of us Fri and Sat!

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Going the 17th and 18th as well. Hopefully, we only have to buy FL for Sat. Would be $320 for FL for two of us Fri and Sat!

Oh I know!! It's SO much more expensive this year!! I don't like that! I hope we only need FL for Saturday too. And that's cool we're going on the same days. :)


Kelley's Island has a pretty nice state campground right on the beach. Rates are good. Logistics back to CP involve a ferry though. Cool glacier grove park right across from the campground.

remember: no matter where you go... there you are.

I can give a second recommendation for East Harbor SP. I try to camp there at least once a season. If you are ok with no electricity and full shade, Area D has large sites and feels a little more secluded and natural than the other areas.One thing to keep in mind because it’s a state park is that alcohol is prohibited, so discretion is required.

The park is terrible during Math & Science Week. Whoever said that the kids are not rowdy and just busy doing their week must've been blind. The kids travel in 50-human droves filling the lines and are often rowdy bouncing those ridiculous basketballs around. The park is incredibly crowded this week and wouldn't be otherwise if not for Math & Science Week. The following week will be the best time to go of the year because it's May week days. If you can stick out the day, the last hour or two of the day might be alright because the kids sometimes leave around 6, but not even this rule can be stuck to. Overall, Math & Science week is garbage and should be avoided at all costs.

I wish I had read your post earlier! I did decide to reserve East Harbor but I did some shaded B site. Also did not know about the alcohol, thanks for the heads up.

hahaha thanks for the advice dumakey. We decided to postpone by a week so we'll be going this Monday.

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