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Hey guys, it’s Max (formally MagnumForce14). Going to start being more active on here from now on. Hearing about Pete was a real shame; the guy really seemed to love his life and Cedar Point, and really contributed a lot to this site. While I never knew him personally, his love Cedar Point and the Sandusky area was one thing we had in common. With the greatest of respect, rest easy Pete. Enjoy the smooth sailing!


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Here's an article from Case about his work...

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I had the pleasure of meeting Pete at the Surf Lounge a couple years back. We had a great time sipping on some long islands if I remember correctly. He told me anytime I was back at the point to give him a call and we would go out on on his boat. Then he got on a shuttle from Breakers at 2am back to his boat. Never took him up on the offer because like DJ said I figured he would always be around. There is a lesson in that.

Rest in Peace. The world lost a good soul on the 24th.

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Paisley said:

^ I also appreciated that Pete's posts were never snarky or snotty like some people here occasionally get. Always civil and just out for good conversation. I am going to miss his input on the forums.


There are several members here who never seem to get into pissing matches. Pete was one of them. He always seemed to have something constructive to say without the need to prove that he was smarter or more important than the other posters.

I once made a pretty dumb comment (okay I've made a lot of them probably) where I made an assumption that was incorrect about a particular ride's restraints. Pete pointed out that mistake to me in a simple "matter of fact" reply. He could have very easily made fun of it or belittled me for it - "Hey! Everybody look at the moron who thinks he is an authority on a topic and is really just proving how stupid he truly is!!"

Instead he chose the gentler approach and I respect him tremendously for that.

I'll join the ranks of those who never met Pete in person, but always enjoyed and respected his comments on site. I've been away from PointBuzz for a few months and returned today just to lurk and read up on recent news. I'm very sad to see this, but in a way I am happy to see it while it is on the front page rather than to be left wondering during the 2019 season why there don't seem to be any new insights on these topics from Pete.

God Bless!

Proud to have fathered a second generation coaster enthusiast destined to keep me young at heart and riding coasters with a willing partner into my golden years!

Pete was a good dude. I enjoyed multiple frosty adult beverages with him, whether it be in the now-defunct Bubbles jacuzzi or at the Red Garter. He was a good guy. Wish the entire coaster community embraced his approach to sharing information, disagreeing, or whatever the case may be. The world would unquestionably be a better place.

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Oh my god. D: I come back to the forums after a long hiatus and this is one of the first threads I see. This is awful. I think I saw him a few times at the Surf Lounge but was always too shy to talk. I really wish I had now. He really seemed like a good dude. RIP and smooth sailing, Pete.

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