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So sad to hear this. Although I never (knowingly) met Pete, he's one of few people from here that I would've liked to have a conversation about the park with. Since I first joined, his posts were always enjoyable to read. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

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After all his posts, I almost felt like I knew Pete well, although I didn't personally, and have respected his opinions and insights here on PointBuzz for many, many years.

Last year, I was walking by Surf Lounge (I knew he frequented it) and he was there, so I stopped by for just a moment to say hello and thank him for his thoughtfulness on these forums.

My prayers to his family. I'll miss his well-reasoned and measured thoughts here on PB.

So sad to hear this news. Although I don't post much I've been around this site since before it was Pointbuzz. I never passed Pete's posts on here and he was always someone I hoped to run into at the park.

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Wow. Someone else mentioned how weird it is how we form online relationships with people we never met before, and I completely agree. I don’t post often, but I’m always reading the forums and Pete was a staple here.

Like others, I never actually met Pete in person (or so I thought). Now having seen the picture Jeff posted, I have ran into Pete multiple times at the park in passing, but never actually knew that was him.

I always enjoyed reading his boating posts, as it always provided an interesting perspective of things to do at the point outside the park.

So sad. Moments like this always remind me how fragile life is, and put into perspective some of the things we *think* are important in life. My thoughts are with Pete’s friends and family.

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This is hard news to swallow. I haven’t been active in a while and when I come back to check the forums, this is at the top. I never met Pete in person, but based on how he was in the Pointbuzz community, it seems like he was a very genuine and wise guy who always seeked the best in things. I always enjoyed and looked forward to hearing his responses on topics. Even though a lot of us never met you Pete, you will be truly missed.

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Safe travels Pete. You will be missed.

Spent many a time sharing a frosty adult beverage with him, be it on his boat, at the Red Garter or Thirsty Pony after a Winter Chill Out.

Safe travels my friend.

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Very sad to hear. His obituary is posted on the Behm Funeral Home page.

The link to Pete's obituary.

June 11th, 2001 - Gemini 100
VertiGo Rides - 82
R.I.P. Fright Zone, and Cyrus along with it.

Never met Pete but chatted with him on many forums, he will be missed......

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I never met him and may not have even interacted with him directly on this site, but he certainly was a "staple" of PointBuzz to me. I'd always read what he had to say as he seemed to have a unique insight into the goings on at the park. Very sad for his loved ones and this community.

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Even as a lurker in the years before I signed up, I always enjoyed reading Pete's posts on the forum. I will miss his posts and seeing him on the weekends at the Surf Lounge. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

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This is very sad news. I never met Pete in person, but I always appreciated his thoughts whenever he got on here.

We salute you, Pete, as you take this last slow trip up the chain lift. I’ll ride a coaster in your honor.

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Like many of the above, I never met Pete (although I saw him numerous times at various park events over the years). His posts were always a must read. Pete's seemingly constant proximity to the park meant that he always had insights and information that I was interested in reading.

To name a few examples, I recall he posted video footage captured from the back of a jet ski just a couple years ago after yet another water main break occurred. I also recall him lamenting the poor state of Bubbles swim up bar in Soak City, a location in the park I rarely visited, but was interested in reading about since it is a place rarely discussed by anyone other than park veterans such as Pete. Pete's contributions to the overall Cedar Point "buzz" will be truly missed.

Here is another great photo of Pete (and Jeff) from the Point Buzz archives.

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One common theme in these posts Pete's ubiquity here and around the park, and that ubiquity brought unique and valuable insight and perspective. Without that perspective it feels like there's a gaping hole in the community.

During a visit in summer 2016, I was ushering my family into Breakers for the night, when I spotted Pete at Surf Lounge. I'd long wanted to buy him a drink and finally meet him in person, but with a young, tired kid in tow I decided not to. Because, hey, Pete's always around, right? There will be another opportunity.

There's a lesson there, I think.


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Ha! I remember that photo on Maverick. That happened to be the day that I met my wife.

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Well, pete posted something:

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I was away from this site for a week and came back & stumbled on this. This news deeply saddens me. I remember Pete from as far back as the GTTP/ Virtual Midway days and his posts, which seems like forever ago. He was a very generous and friendly guy who seemed like the friend you always had from your childhood. Whenever I saw someone bashing his posts or disagreeing with him on here, I always respected him for not trying to belittle them back or "get even". He was a true gentlemen. I also PM'd with him in the past on here and was very grateful for a picture that he sent to me years back for a project I was working on. It was of him, as a kid, riding old electric go-karts , under the tent, by the beach (in the late 60s), where Giant Wheel now stands. He had a look of joy on his face and that photo is forever burned in my memory. I was a little envious that he was one of the few people that I knew on here that got to enjoy CCMR's opening year and remembers 1960's Cedar Point, which was before I started going. That would have been great to live during that era and compare to today's park. I'm glad he got to experience that...all the way until SV this past year.

In summary, whether he was out on the lake on his boat, chilling by the Marina, or enjoying himself at the Surf Lounge, I think Pete enjoyed his life to the fullest and I'm positive he wishes the same for all of those on here. Life is short, enjoy it. Pete, here's a drink to you, on your sunset voyage to Margaritaville. Cheers!


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^ I also appreciated that Pete's posts were never snarky or snotty like some people here occasionally get. Always civil and just out for good conversation. I am going to miss his input on the forums.

I have probably posted here 3 or 4 times since I found this site years ago. I check the forums out once or twice a week to read what's happening at the place I've been going to since I was a kid.
This site for the most part is always a great read of what's happening today, this past season and the history and memories of the past. Everyone has thoughts and maybe even dreams of how Cedar Point use to be, how they could improve or what the next big thing will be.
I have never met Pete. Never corresponded with him on here with posts , but he'll be one that I will miss reading his posts. I've read many a posts on here that was just back and forth banter, finger pointing and condescending speech. But when Pete posted, it was informative and from a position of knowledge and not trying to prove a point.
Pete will be another great memory of Cedar Point, we all got to live vicariously through Pete's posts and staying at the marina.
I'll definitely have a beer for him next time I'm at the surf lounge

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RIP. I've been on many online forums but I have never really seen a member pass away. His presence shall be missed, he most certainly looked like one of the most likable and popular member of this site for many years.

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