Periscope tour of Valravn Plaza

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Thanks for sharing, Walt. The Periscope videos have had a ton of info in them. That is definitely something different from coasters in the past. A couple notes from this one...

They mentioned some lighting elements that have not yet been revealed.

The views from the midway of the Immelman and track to the mid-course look very impressive.

Raptor is going to be a whole lot less secluded, you can stand right near the cobra roll now.

Right at the end Kristy (Christy?) mentioned vintage merchandise that they will have on sale this year. I'm hoping it will be similar to the shirts they sold at Kings Island last year for King Cobra and other old rides.

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Is it actually vintage things, or vintage designs? I would assume vintage designs.

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I must say that I am very pleased to know that an industry leader like Cedar Point reaches its audience and listens to the demands / hopes of the audience through social media. Sometimes, parks get so big and popular that they don't feel the need to offer the type of behind-the-scenes content in the palm of your hand that Tony and the team at America's Roller Coast does! I must admit that I wish more parks would follow suit!

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To be fair, there's a scale issue, too. A 3-million annual park can and should do this sort of thing. I'm not sure it's really all that necessary if you're someone like Disney or Universal, both of whom don't generally want to show a lot of dirt and construction. Frankly, I think Tony's abilities would be wasted in a place like that anyway. CP definitely has a sweet spot in terms of scope.

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