Pages covered with black squares.

It appears that on many pages, the page is covered with black squares (part of an ad I presume). There appears to be no way around this.

Any way to put a stop to this? It makes this site extremely difficult to use.

I have no problem with Jeff trying to make a profit (or maybe just break even) with this site. I actually salute your entrepreneurial spirit. But do you have to have ads that block actual content? Or are you simply unaware of the problem?


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I can't find the ad. If I can figure it out I'll disable it.

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If it helps, it is a Fox broadcasting ad. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate this ad being blocked. Thanks for all the great work on the site.

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I'm coming across this ad too, and everytime I want to go to a new blog area it pops up with 4 black boxes surrounding the screen, I have to disable the ad in order to even read anything.. it's annoying, but if you do come across it Jeff, it would be much appreciated if there was someway around this.


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If it's the same as everyone else is getting it has writing that says "imagine the possibilities". It doesn't let you do anything on the page when it comes out.

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Yes, that's exactly what I see, but you have to go to the very top of the ad where it says "close" and you'll be able to not see the squares anymore. It happens nearly on every thread I go to.

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If I replay the ad in question I get a message that is trying to access my pc.

I don't really find it all that annoying, wait 5 secs and it goes away. It is not nearly as annoying as the ads on newsnet5.

Hope that helps identify the ad.

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It is annoying in that it covers editorial content. Ads are not supposed to do it. They are supposed to PAY for the content, not cover it!


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Is This the ad? I just want to be sure I'm on the same page as others.

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Yup, that's it. It links to .

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I'm really not looking forward to when my Premium sub runs out.

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Neither am I Ben.

Neither am I.

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