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This should probably go in another topic but I'm actually curious to find out if I'm overqualified for some of the positions I applied for at the park. I'll be graduating from college here in a few weeks but haven't had much success in securing a job afterwards. I have some experience in the air transportation industry (not Boeing, clean, and never been fired) and applied for several maintenance-y type seasonal positions, as well as ride ops. I wouldn't need dorm access. I'm a local coaster fan like some of you.

Anyways... It's been over a month now and I'm still under review on my status page. No phone calls or emails yet. My best guess is that they're waiting to term someone to open a spot for me or they're not sure if they want to put me on the BG attraction management intern list.


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Patience young Padawan. The first youngling to apply you are not.

My thoughts are, over or under qualified we are in serious need of people so chances are with some time you’ll get hired

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I’d love to live in a world where being just about to graduate college and “some experience” makes us overqualified for jobs. Hope you found something for yourself at the park for the summer.

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