Other things to do in the area

I was just curious what else there is to do in the area besides Cedar Point and the water park. We will be visiting with 3 kids, 17, 13, and 10 and were already planning 2 days in the parks. I'm looking to extend a couple more days. We are coming from the Chicago area. Thanks!

My kids enjoy hitting Goofy Golf (go karts!), and Kelley's Island. And if I remember correctly, there is a real drive in movie theatre about 40 mins to the west on Route 2.

(Again, Kelley's Island - they've got a cool glacier groove state part (not real big, but neat) which is free, and a fairly large rock with native Indian inscriptions on it. Pack a lunch and take the ferry either from downtown or marblehead (which is near a lighthouse too!).

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The aforementioned drive in theater. Assuming you come to the early show, you get a double feature for the price of those tickets, which is a great deal.


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I would recommend a trip out to South Bass Island/Put-in-Bay in addition to Kelly's Island and the Lakeside/Marblehead area. Lots to do in and around Put-in-Bay for both kids and adults. You might also want to check out the Lake Erie Shores & Islands website or facebook. Lots of good info there as well.

Thanks for the great idea.

I highly recommend www.shoresandislands.com

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^I'm not sure if 2dogmom wants to drive out to Cleveland, but if so, it's definitely worth it. Cleveland actually has lots of other fun stuff to do which surprises some people to hear about, but if you decide to go to Cleveland let us know and we could give you ideas for that too.

As for Sandusky, there really isn't too much. Other people have given good ideas, and I'd also recommend hiking around Sheldon Marsh and the old Cedar Point road. Also, a little ways west of Cedar Point is Maumee Bay with some nice trails and beach.

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There is a Merry Go Round Museum in downtown Sandusky. My grandkids loved it. There is lots of great stuff to interest the adults too. Admission includes a ride.

Comments above are good, also:
Seneca Caverns - about a half hour drive from CP.
Go to Kalahari for day, especially if weather is bad
If you're staying at a hotel in the park, spend a day at one of the pools or beach
If your stay is going to be 3+ days consider a season pass or platinum pass. Platinum pass gets you into Soak City also. Both are good at all Cedar Fair parks all year.
Shopping in the area is good, Go to Chet & Matt's for great Pizza.
Once you're their you can find lots to do.

I have never been to Cleveland so that can be an option. Two summers ago we did a combo Cedar Point/King's Island trip so we are fine with a stop somewhere else.

If you go to Cleveland, be sure to go to the rock hall of fame. I can give you some more ideas if you want.

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East Harbor State Park, Marblehead, Marblehead Lighthouse, the Lighthouse Keepers home, Meadowbrook Marsh Preserve (Danbury Twp) are all do-able in one day and nice attractions. We visit East Harbor State Park a lot and enjoy camping there as well. A little east of Huron is Old Woman Creek Nature Preserve, also a nice place to visit.

Good luck with your planning and have fun!

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If you do the Rock Hall, there are quite a few things nearby as well. Great Lakes Science Center, the USS Cod, and the Goodtime immediately come to mind.

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Thanks again for all the ideas. Looks like we will be staying just in the Sandusky area. I will check out all the local things you suggested.

Think about Mon Ami Winery at Catawba. Sunday Brunch is very good. They have concerts and dancing. Wine tasting is probably the best in the area. Also in Catawba try Cheesehaven and Bergman's Orchards. I've heard Cheesehaven is under new management and I've heard the Cheese Nazi is gone (think Soup Nazi, just ruder and nastier). Bergman's has a wide variety of local foods.

Downtown Cleveland (where the Rock n Roll hall of fame is) is only an hour and 15 mins away. Cleveland is worth checking out. Depending on when you go, the Indians could be playing if your family likes baseball, the Cleveland Airshow might be going on which is amazing, and the Cleveland Zoo is always a good choice.

The Sandusky Speedway has some racing events that go on during the summer which is not even 15 mins from Cedar Point. Sandusky has the Ghostly Manor which is pretty cool and if I recall correctly, it's open all year long. The Sandusky area offers so many restaurants that it should be impossible to not find a good place to eat. If I may recommend a couple restaurants, I would say Thirsty Pony, Chet and Matt's Pizza, and TGIFriday's on the Beach (in Breakers Hotel). There's a lot to do, if you go at the right times.

^Due to budget cuts the air show won't be returning :( It's always been one of our family traditions to go every year since I was little, so I was really upset when I heard the news. I always enjoyed it.

Top 5 CP Coasters: 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Millennium Force 3. Maverick 4. Dragster 5. Magnum
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Wow that's awful! I love going to the airshow. It's such a good way to send off the summer. I guess it's going to return in 2014 though as of now which I'm very pleased about.

Some of us are White Sox fans (split household with Cubs!)... not playing in Cleveland the week of June 17. I will check out some of the other options. My girls love ghost or haunted anythings so we may need to check that out.

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