Opening Day/Weekend 2023 reports

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Like I said, I did see Casamigos and St. Germaine, which are two bottles I consider not-crap. The rum is mostly terrible, but I realized that's largely because it's not Florida. It's really hard to get good rum up north.

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I’ll give you that one. I mean, we do have access to Diplomatico, Zacapa 23, Plantation, Rhum J.M., Appleton Rare and quite a few others, but bars only ever stock Bacardi and Captain. They do offer Myers’s as an option in their run based drinks, though, which is a nice option vs Bacardi.

Now, we have a few Tiki bars up here that have some real gems on their shelves, but they are so hard to get to on any sort of basis because they have weird hours and big crowds.

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I guess I'm late to the party...

I will tell you that my opening day experience was quite good. Early entry didn't start out too well with only being able to get on Atomic Scrambler, then making my way to Millennium Force after Wild Mouse stopped working. Then I basically worked my way around the park (but missing Maverick b/c it was down) until I had to go take care of some stuff. I came back and had lunch at the Grand Pavilion, which was really good. Cedar Point has really stepped up their game with food in recent history. I have to try a Rum Runner from the GP, but not now. After lunch I hit up more rides, Gatekeeper, Raptor, Blue Streak, and I missed Valravn. Overall, lines and rides were pretty good, food was also great. Later I came back Monday and went for the rides I missed, and tried out the new wild mouse. Normally I can't handle spinning (thanks Hersheypark), but Wild Mouse wasn't bad. Hell, I got the cheese car. Regarding Wild Mouse, I left pleasantly surprised. WM was more intense than I expected it to be, with it whipping me around a bit. I also closed down the park with dinner at the Farmhouse, and I tried the campfire chili. It was amazing, and the only thing it was missing was pickled jalapeño slices. I ended up finishing my night with a Maverick and Steel Vengeance ride.

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I think Myers is pretty terrible, but particularly as a floater, I adore Wicked Dolphin Black. You definitely can't get that in Ohio. Zacapa is a great sipping rum for old fashioned's (not interested in the debate about whether or not you can call it that with rum). I just wish bars had something better than Captain and Malibu, both of which are a sugary mess.

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Oh, you can absolutely call it an old fashioned. An old fashioned is technically a cocktail consisting of any liquor, bitters, sugar and water.

Zacapa Old Fashioneds are my camping drink of choice.

I forgot about Malibu because I’ve never purposefully had it.

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