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I'm new to this forum and have a one day trip planned to Cedar Point this Saturday (6/28/14). I'm also going in the morning for a few hours on Sunday. I'd like to get some advice from you (the experts) on how I should plan my day in order to get through all the coasters.

I'll be traveling with 3 others, so 4 total and we are not staying on property so we won't have the extra hour in the morning and we will not be buying Fast Lane tickets cause they are too expensive. Given that info, i have a few questions:

1. The park opens at 10 for us. Does that mean we can't get in until 10 or do they let us in a certain area but we can't ride or get in line?

2. What should be our game plan for first few rides and which entrances should we enter from cause i found out here are 4 entrances.

3. What rides are known to have longer/shorter wait times at different times during the day (e.g. Raptor has shortest line right before twilight hours, etc...).

Any other advice is always appreciated. Thanks so much for the help!


Saturday will most likely be crowded. Sunday should not be as bad. The best time of the day for coasters will be first thing in the morning. I recommend getting to the gates and getting in line both mornings at 9:30/9:45 if possible. They do not start scanning tickets at the turnstiles until the last note of the national anthem at 10am. Being further up in line means getting in before that many more people. There is always a chance that they will let you in early, more so at the marina, soak city or windseeker gates, but don't count on it.

One morning go for Millenium Force first thing. Park in the front and walk along the blue painted path to the marina entrance (along the road that runs along the left side of the park when facing the main entrance).

The other morning go for Maverick first thing. When you get to the parking booths say you want to go to soak city. You will be directed around to the back of the park. Enter through the resort/soak city park gate by Magnum.

Try to get everything you want to do in the back of the park done in the morning. The front of the park tends to clear out at the end of the day starting at dinnertime. Save Raptor, Gatekeeper and Wicked Twister for then.

Other general advice that you may or may not already know:
- Millenium Force, Dragster and Magnum does not allow you to carry anything on to the rides. MF and Dragster have lockers nearby. This is a new rule for Magnum which does not have lockers. Gatekeeper has small bins only for flipflops, glasses and hat, no bags or drink cups. All other rides either allow carry-on items or have bins for storage (someone correct me if I am missing any rides here).
- Any food stand that has fountain drinks will give you a small (tiny) cup of ice water for free. You just have to ask.
- Take a brake early afternoon on Saturday. That will be the hottest and most crowded time of the day. Find a shady spot, a sit down restaurant or an air conditioned show.
- Have some snacks and cold drinks at the car. Food and drink at the park is expensive.
- I have not confirmed this yet but it has been said that the marina store (just out the marina gate and across perimeter road) has snacks/drinks at near normal prices.

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Be sure and ride MaxAir and sky hawk. Both are great rides with short lines usually.

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