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I was up at 5:30 am Sunday morning for the trip to Cedar Point with TheRealCP, but she arrived a bit early so she had to sit and watch me finish getting ready.

We made CP in 2 hours, arriving just 10 minutes before Joe Cool, parking in the first row of the parking lot and went straight to Millennium Force. TRCP was just shy of buckling the seatbelt on the test seat, but she suggested I ride anyway and I got two rides in 15 minutes. The line was so short I could have ridden several more times.

The rest of the day was extremely pleasant and relaxing. The crowds were very low, especially considering TTD was down so it wasn't like the crowd was drawn away to it. Even MF didn't have more than an hour wait all day, and maXair was almost a walk-on the three times we rode it. We rode everything once, Mean Streak three times, Raptor and Cedar Creek Mine Ride twice, and two rides on Gemini but the last ride in the back seat was brutal with air time smashing us into the restraints.

We even snagged a ride on Demon Drop, just for old time's sake since I will likely be gone next year. I remember why I never ride that thing anymore, and after acclimating myself to Power Tower, I no longer even peep on the way down. Speaking of Power Tower, TRCP and I rode on the two seat side, something I generally hate doing, and found I did it pretty easily. Yeah me!

Mean Streak was running very well. Yes, it was still trimmed a bit on the first drop, but running fast and furiouis like I like it. No squealing on the track at all, and we even got a couple of very light pops of air.

We ate early at Game Day Grille, each having soup and sharing a pound of onion rings, had an ice cream cone a couple hours later, and then shared popcorn and a sub while watching Monsters Rock at the Red Garter.

For being the opening weekend of the show and still two weeks out for Halloweekends, they were amazingly good. I definitely give this show a two thumbs up and highly recommend it. The male vampire was totally in character while performing.

The only downside was our server. She got to us as soon as we sat down, but when we asked for a moment to look at the menu, she simply disappeared. She did the same after giving us the check just before the show ended. We waited a good 15 minutes after the show ended, so I took the check to the bar and was told I had to wait for the server. Needless to say, she got only a 10% tip from me rather than the normal 20% I leave. Having been a waitress myself in the past, I'm pretty picky about the service I receive. I tip handsomely for excellent service, but bare minimum when I'm not happy.

We laughed a lot, especially after encountering lots of twisted seatbelts. After the third time I told TRCP "you're twisted" referring to the seatbelt, she turned to me and said "yeah I'm twisted, that's nothing new". Since I'm twisted too, we decided we would be the Twisted Sisters.

We never seemed to catch up with either Mr. Scott or Kara and Matt, although we looked. We did meet another Pointbuzzer,Shades, at Mean Streak, and saw Brent at maXair who wondered where I'd been all summer. Between construction and the extreme heat this summer, I never made it to CP. We were fortunately very lucky to have only the Edison Bridge construction to deal with. I-280 was open and a clear shot both ways.

If I had to rate the day on a scale from 1-10, I'd rate it a 20.

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Sounds like you had a really good trip - Do you plan on visiting again before the end of the season?

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i was thinking about maybe going this sunday and your report has sealed my decision. the past month, i have gone through cedar point burnout but i am rested and ready to go back. the chance of a light crowd is quite appealing to me.

i live at the saint pia zadora golden buckeye retirement community

I'm hoping to make another trip, at least closing day, and maybe a Friday in October after the CBuzz trip to Holiday World.

I'd rather die living than live like I'm dead

Linda...I'm bummed we didn't run into one another. I found it odd that you guys apparently didn't ride Magnum within the first few hours of the day. Myself and the two-headed monster marathoned like nobody's business! Anyway, good to hear you & Catherine had fun just as we did :).

Kara (car-uh)

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Well, I ought to be there closing day barring any major obstacles.

Hey, I thought I was the only fool who went for repeat rides on Mean Streak. I usually go for at least 3 in a row, but on Sunday it was giving me some really good rides. Ended up with 5 in a row. Glad to have met you and TheRealCP.

So, I-280 is open now? No construction?

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Shades, multiple Mean Streak rides are the best, I've done 3 in a row. It's so easy to do right in the morning.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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