October 15, 2005

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Oh wow, what a Day that was. Pretty much my first Halloweekend trip, even though I didn't go through any houses or anything.

I went there with 2 other friends, and we arrived around 11:35. We headed right for Millennium Force. Sign said only an hour and a half, great. Got in line and had fun. Quite a few interesting people who were waiting in line. (Hello "Wooo CD Player Person") Took us 2 hours to get on the ride finally and had a nice ride on the yellow train.

After that we went over and rode Power Tower. It was a good 20 min wait, and that was only for the red side. I prefer that side more, you get a ton of more air time than on the green side.

After that, we headed over to Magnum to see the wait time. 2 hours... no thank you. I remember on opening day it was pretty much a walk on for all the rides. We skipped it and went and got a bite to eat at the Happy Frier. They had no cheese for the fries and that made me sad :(.

After that we headed for the front of the park. We passed through CarnEvil and they didn't have anything going on since it was day time. So we decided to tackle maXair, since one of my friends had never ridden it yet. It was a long 1 hour wait, but we made it go by semi quick. I think that was the most fun I had ever had waiting in line for a ride.

After that, we headed for Wicked Twister. Waited about 1 hour for that. Got to the station, they launched the train, goes up the first spike, comes through the second one, then it E-Stops. They let people out, do it again, and E-stops again. 3rd time is a charm and we get our ride (with a little persuasion of my friends, who now were afraid to go on the ride).

After that we hit Raptor. It was about an hour and 45 mins to get to the station. Wow, waiting in line can be really really boring at times. But anyway, had a great ride in the last row, farthest left seat.

After that we went and stopped at the arcade to use the bathrooms. I didn't have to go, so I played some DDR. People who played before me must had left a credit in the machine so I got to play for free. Man, I love that game.

After the arcade break, we headed over to Magnum, and waited about an hour and 30 mins and had a nice night ride.

After that we went over to the food stand by Iron Dragon for some food. We waited 30 mins just to get a hot dog and some fried. Now when you have to wait 30 mins just for food from a stand like that, its realllllllly crowded.

After that we went over to Mantis, and waited about an hour and 15 mins to ride. It was one of my friends first time on it, and it was a good ride. Not too rough, but pretty intense that time.

After that, it was 10:45, we persuaded the girl in my group of friends to ride Millennium Force to close off the day. The people at the front of the gate said the wait was 3 hours, but wow, it wasn't! ;)

Man was it cold by then. Waiting in line for 2 hours in coldness = not fun. We finally got our ride on the blue train towards the front. Man was it worth it. Got a great on ride picture, and we left the park.

It was a great, yet cold and crowded day. Most crowded day I can ever remember at Cedar Point. Here is the final ride count:

Millennium Force: 2
Power Tower (Space Shot): 1
maXair: 1
Wicked Twister: 1
Raptor: 1
Magnum: 1
Mantis: 1

I think we did alright for it being as crowded as it was that day. I just really hope I can visit the point one more time before this season ends.

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2012 - Magnum XL 200 Crew

Magnum never has waits exceeding 30 minutes!

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Well, that day it kinda did. It was all the way passed the vending machines and a few rows of queues passed that were full too.

2012 - Magnum XL 200 Crew

We had full queues spilling out past the bathrooms (1 hour 15 minutes) all day. It was crazy!

I saw the crazy CD player dude. Definitely an interesting character as long as viewed from a distance. I asked my wife which was worse - someone wearing a PointBuzz shirt or that guy. She grudgingly agreed that the CD guy was worse!

While Saturday was definitely not a day for riding, the sky was perfect for taking pictures and I had a lot of fun just screwing around with my 7 year old son seeing things from his perspective. How else could you explain our laughter on Sir Rub a Dub's Tubs?

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We saw the CD guy in the yellow shirt too. Even in a big crowd, he really stood out.

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It was really Comical. Me and my friend repeated the "Woooo" through out the whole day :)

What a fun, yet crowded day.

2012 - Magnum XL 200 Crew

Yea - maybe he was hoping to find someone in that large crowd to give him a record deal! :) We saw him twice!

That was probably one of the top 5 busiest days I can think of and that includes three years of working there. I think the Columbus Day weekend 2003 crowd was larger, but this past Saturday was up there. We knocked a bunch of stuff in the back early on (Magnum, Mean Streak, Gemini, etc) and after that it was difficult to get much riding done. Just about everything, including the haunted houses had full queues. We waited about an hour and a half (full queue) for Raptor after 8PM, nearly an hour for Wicked Twister after that, then went back to Magnum around 11PM and it was still over half an hour. MF's line was an hour at midnight so we stood in that rather than sit in traffic trying to get around from the Soak City lot.
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I made it into the park at 6:30. The Magnum line was still in the 4th queue. I was told it was into the midway earlier. I knew it was going to be busy, so I had my camera with me. I walked around for a couple of hours taking photos.

Once the batteries went dead, I took the camera back to car. Once back in the park, I just wondered around trying to decided what to do.

Rode Maxair (35 min). Got in line for Raptor at 10pm and waited 1 hr 5 min.

I got back to Magnum about 11:20 and it still had one queue about full. Rode and then waited for last train.

It is good to see the park bring in the people after lower attendence all season. It was just wall-to-wall people. And amongst all those people, someone from back home saw me. I heard my name and thought it was one of the employees. It was someone I hadn't seen in 3 yrs.

Even with the crowds and less than 6 hrs in the park, I really enjoyed walking around and seeing the sights. I mean...IT IS CEDAR POINT!

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