News: Sandusky City Commission approves contract for policing at Cedar Point

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The Sandusky City Commission recently voted to approve a contract with Cedar Point to provide law enforcement and police services for Cedar Point and their properties starting April 1.

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That seems like a pretty good deal, which makes me believe even more that this all transpired primarily for financial reasons.

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As a municipal Finance Director, I can attest that this seems to be a good deal for both sides.

I never had any issue with either the CP or Sandusky police, so I'm indifferent on the whole thing, but I noticed on the linked page that Omni Fiber is starting internet service in Sandusky. Anyone have any experience with them? Any comparisons to Buckeye cable?

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Being in the insurance industry, specifically the E&S industry...

I bet that the employee dorm allegations had a TON to do with this.

Cedar Point running and having its own police force is a HUGE exposure. It opens them up to a swath of potential lawsuits. Everything from mishandling small instances, to large... More ambiguous situations, to who knows what. Never know when a human cop will nake a bad call with a trigger. Luckily its never happened at the Point to my knowledge.

But yeah, I bet insurance, liability, and cost in general as others have states has alot to do with it.

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Never know when a human cop will nake a bad call with a trigger.

If something is gonna put a hole in someone, it’s gonna be a coaster gosh darn it.

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!!! Oh my. !!!

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