News: Cedar Fair to hire 35,000 seasonal associates for its parks in 2023

This is a nice place for discussions. As long as the discussion is free from unnecessary racial bias and/or unfair expressions of entitlement.
Here’s a definition of butthurt for you. Someone who attends an amusement park or any public place with service workers and is personally offended when they have to face time with employees who don’t look or sound exactly like them. And then blame the employer for providing rightful, equal access to employment opportunities. I’m appalled that you actually believe that people of different origins and languages should be relegated only to places like laundries, kitchens and “Chinatowns” because you may experience a minor inconvenience if they’re not.
Your attempts to excuse yourself and present yourself as merely misunderstood isn’t exactly working for you here.

I’m sorry (not sorry) that you won’t be around to read this, but… so be it.

Magnum "Candy" Man:

If I hurt someone's sensitive be it.

It seems like you are the only one here who has had their sensitive feelings hurt.

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Magnum "Candy" Man:

I am not complaining about the foreign employees. I am complaining about the park putting those individuals in positions where they have direct contact with guests.

You should stop. I'm deeply disappointed that you don't understand that what you're saying is a tired xenophobic trope that isn't based in any reality. It's not, and I think more than enough people here have shared their actual experiences to create what should be a new baseline for you. Instead you keep doubling down. You could take the new information and form a new opinion.

And I'll add my experience, that I've been working with international and immigrant workers my entire career. Two report to me now. I've lost count of how many different countries they're from. I still consider many friends. I understand the world better because of them. And they're all better at communicating in plain English than some folks who engage in nativism.

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Magnum "Candy" Man:

I distinctly remember once years ago when they had a lot of foreign employees and a couple times one day asked a question and could not get an answer because they didn't understand me.

Assuming you are a regular to the park (since you post here), what question was so important that you:

1) distinctly remember the situation

2) only went to multiple foreign employees

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Probably better just to leave it alone at this point.

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Candy Man should probably avoid coming down to Miami...and skip South Texas, San Diego, etc.

I'll go out on a limb and say that I do believe there is some expectation that someone in certain customer service position should have certain basic skills, language being one of them. Here in South Florida we work hard to staff all our public facing receptionist positions with bilingual staff members because more than 50% of my community identifies as Latin.

If that CP staff member was a ride operator who had to be prepared to deliver instructions or emergency information to the general public then I would not find it acceptable if he/she spoke no English. If that person had to take my order at a restaurant or fast food location, likewise. I'd be curious to know more about the positions these individuals were working in before drawing any specific conclusions.

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