News: Cedar Fair to hire 35,000 seasonal associates for its parks in 2023

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Company to host biggest-ever hiring event across all parks Feb. 18-24

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Good! They know and understand that staffing has been a major issue, especially lately. Hopefully they can staff the park well this season and efficiently operate at park opening.

As long as they don't go back to hiring people from other countries that cannot understand English! There were a couple of years that it was really bad.

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I can say with no hesitation that I've never encountered an employee who couldn't understand English. And I've also found the foreign workers to be generally friendlier and happier to take care of you. Would you rather they didn't staff the park?

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If the only other option is closed rides/food, I say hire all the non-english speakers you can.

Yeah what’s wrong with Cedar Point these days? Why can’t they exclusively hire blonde haired, blue eyed, straight, white, all American college kids? This is America! (End sarcasm)

I distinctly remember once years ago when they had a lot of foreign employees and a couple times one day asked a question and could not get an answer because they didn't understand me. So, yeah, it has happened. Whoever was hiring that season must have been asleep during interview process!

Or fair, accepting, and non-judgmental.
And in need of seasonal workers.

How did the term racist enter in here?

I called out CP for hiring people that can't understand English to work in an amusement park where they have to deal with guests. They dropped the ball....plain and simple! As a business, why would you hire someone that cannot communicate with your customers?

I don't care where someone is from or what color they are. If I need a cashier, for example, I am going to hire someone that can easily communicate with my customers.

And if no one shows up what will you do?
Look, thanks for explaining, but I’m not so stupid I didn’t know what you meant. And I also know how you sound.
Let me ask. Did you go to park management and explain that you you were made mad by them not surrounding you with only English speaking employees? Or did you apologize for not understanding and kindly ask if anyone present spoke English? Unless it was an extremely small location I doubt they left them high and dry without someone somewhere able to assist. And if they did it’s ok. Really.
Have you ever had the experience of being in a foreign country having to deal with a language barrier? It’s a real eye opener, and might allow this kind of thing to be viewed as a learning opportunity instead of a deliberate inconvenience. Or at the very least conjure some sympathy instead of anger.
Those students are here legally and have every right to hold those positions. And in the end they may actually be the key to a season of smooth and profitable operations. Which is probably what they would have told you had you gone to the front desk to complain and ask why they were dropping balls.

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If non-English speaking people bother you, an amusement park is not a place I would recommend going.

With the exception of Holiday World, I can’t think of a singular park I’ve been to where I didn’t notice employees capable of speaking other languages.

I am so very sorry your day was ruined from such a clearly detrimental experience. 🙄

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If entitled young Americans would take the jobs at Cedar Point and other amusement parks, instead of laying on the beach or sitting on their ass all summer, they would not have to hire foreign workers. Many come here to see America and meet Americans. And every once in a while some jerk comes along and complains because the worker does not have full command of the English language. (Many times they have a better understanding of the language than the complainer.) We must remember, that for a non-English speaker, English is one of the hardest languages to learn.

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Magnum "Candy" Man, from someone who is a former Ride Host/Operator, I love having international students staffing the park. They have great English, and they are nice to hang out with. And after working with them for 3 months, they became a second family. Plus it was nice getting to learn about other cultures. So as mentioned above, if you have a problem with it, don’t go.

I applaud Cedar Point for wanting to do this with their hiring process, because there have been multiple times the last few years I’ve been on opening weekend and have been disappointed because things have been closed. Have they had the staffing the park would be at full operations for opening weekend.

Also, Magnum "Candy" Man, think before you speak. The way you presented your opinion was actually racist so you should be ashamed of yourself. As someone else mentioned, they are all here legally and have every right to help staff the park so that we can enjoy it as it was designed to operate; SMOOTHLY as it possibly can.

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I have confidence they know far more English than many Americans know of literally any other language. Especially the ones who scream “speak english”

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I am not complaining about the foreign employees. I am complaining about the park putting those individuals in positions where they have direct contact with guests. An amusement park is a place where it is all about guest service.

I am not saying it is an issue today. This has been several years ago where it happened twice in one day. I was just making a point. Most likely has not happened since.

I am an American, and when visiting places in America, I expect to not have issues visiting. If I am visiting a place like Chinatown, then that's a different story. I would have different expectations.

I agree that a park needs to fill jobs due to lack of people wanting those jobs here. I just question their hiring process back then.

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Magnum "Candy" Man:

I am an American, and when visiting places in America, I expect to not have issues visiting.

Look in the mirror and say this to yourself out loud 5 times in a row.

629 posts in 24 years, and this is your contribution.

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Yeah, sorry. I can’t get down with your comment, Magnum “Candy” Man. I have made lifelong friends with a lot of the internationals I worked with throughout the years. I hope they are able to hire a lot this year!

Magnum "Candy" Man:

I am an American, and when visiting places in America, I expect to not have issues visiting. If I am visiting a place like Chinatown, then that's a different story.

But what if it's a Chinatown... in America!

I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall here. I never said I had anything against international employees, as long as they meet the qualifications set forth by the employer. I'm sorry, but if you are hiring individuals that are going to be working directly with guests, English should be part of that qualification. It's just common sense. In the years of visiting CP, I have met some great international employees.

Cartwright - that's what I was meaning. I know most major cities have a Chinatown and would not expect the same and respect it.

Kevinj - this is why I don't post much here. It used to be a nice place to have discussions. But in recent years, here and Coastbuzz have gotten filled with people that get butthurt be the simplest things and get out of hand. There have been times I've tried to add to conversations but get flamed because my opinion isn't in line with everyone elses and I haven't posted a million times in every discussion.

If I hurt someone's sensitive be it. Don't really care anymore. Not losing any sleep over it. I'm done with these forums.

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