New Cedar Point Drive Sign

They most definitely slapped the standard CP logo onto an existing backdrop at the Causeway location as well. Which leads me to believe that maybe these are temporary after all. Not to mention Tony really hyped up the new signage at the 2020 WCO.

However, I could also see budgetary constraints causing a change of plan and thus leaving us with what is, overall, a lackluster sign that most definitely doesn’t scream the worlds best collection of rollercoasters. Case in point, I can’t recall recently when Tony turned off comments on a Twitter post but he most definitely did so after posting a photo of the new causeway sign. Pretty sure after all of the negative reactions from the first sign he didn’t want to deal with it.

It is what it is. Looking at photos of the park from last weekend it does seem like a lot of the unfinished projects from last season have now been completed so…baby steps.

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"The Sign" really sparks opinions. Some wax nostalgically about signage of past era's. Others may not care too much as long as they can locate their destination. Some signs get lost in the mess of other signs such as Perkins Avenue in Sandusky/Perkins Twp. Both CP signs in question here are stand alone signs with the opportunity to present a wow factor to visitors who may have tons of anticipation for their visit. At this time they are a little ho-hum. The one at First St. will still likely be a popular photo-op.

A sign can really help set a tone or atmosphere, some of the classic signs of places from the past were awesome. The large Arby's hat, Chief Wahoo ready to belt one out, the large neon Holiday Inn sign, "ZAYER" come to mind.

I seem to recall some sort of billboards along Cleveland Rd. as you approached the Chausee in the late 60's/early 70's that were spaced a few hundred feet apart that helped build excitement.

I mean, if they really wanted to put out signs, they could go the Wall Drug approach.

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RideMan said:

Dave, I believe you posted a cache link. That kind of thing generally expires rapidly with the result you got. Do you have a URL for where you found it? Maybe we can fix it...

I think this is the link. The illustrations are on pages 21-23.

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Important bit, emphasis mine:

The sign at the corner of Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive will be replaced with a new structure that would include 158.3 square feet of total signage, including a digital video board.

It looks a lot smaller than that in the photos posted a while back.

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It does, but maybe that's because we need you to stand out by the sign and pose like the mannequin on page 21.


Now that I see the illustration, I like it even more. Instead of left to right it just goes up, and that opens up the view of Castaway Bay as you turn left onto CP Drive. The previous set of poles (er, sign) just made a wall.

Maybe they'll put up some creative landscaping next to the sign; a few of those fun Peanuts' shrubberies would do the trick.

I totally understand the appeal of nostalgia, especially because of the fact that the park's past is full of it.

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Red Garter Rob said:

I mean, if they really wanted to put out signs, they could go the Wall Drug approach.

Or the Kennywood approach.

But seriously, without a really great sign how are all those new hires supposed to find the place?

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Thanks Chuck!

Still not getting scale yet. Can you add a banana for reference?

For those of you who really miss the OLD old sign (the one that rusted out and had to be removed before it fell down) you can get a T-shirt in the Point Plaza shop with a rendering of it.

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