New Cedar Point Drive Sign

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I have a few of those 'CP' pennants that flew over the old sign in the picture above. I should hang those up some day.

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I personally think it should have a giant Red Map Pin next to it, to show C.P. is HERE! Just kidding, I am sure the sign will look great when it is finished. Some people like the less Nostalgic signage, not sure why but hey different Strokes for Different Folks!

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Ahhhhh C.P. My Happy Place!

I personally think they should revamp the entrance to be like entering Toon Town in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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Overall, it's better than no entrance sign at all, which was the case from the mid 1990s to early 2000s.

Good point kylepark. I should shut-up about what I said before on here.

Also, does anyone know If they are replacing the sign by Gatekeeper too?

There's two mounting areas, one on the side and one on the top. From what it appears, the fixture on the side will be welded, while the top fixture will be bolted. Hypothetically, it seems that the top fixture will be the electric sign.

The new logo is lame, bland, and boring. No surprise that the new sign is the same.

I really liked the old logo. The font looked like the words were in motion. Add Snoopy, even better. The old sign caught that same vibe. I will also miss the different banners each year showing off whatever was new at the park, and also for HalloWeekends.

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I do agree the current logo doesn't have much character to it. Just my opinion, but the old 70's logo with the train, Giant Wheel and Space Spiral(Thread the Needle) with the best logo. That's the logo I look for when I'm collecting Cedar Point memorabilia.

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It’s funny that Space Spiral was removed for a coaster that actually threads the needle...


Has anymore signage been done since the new sign was installed by Cleveland road?

Drove past it today, and there wasn’t anything new. I’ll be honest, the old footers are still there with the bolts and while I can see why some people thought there was more being added, the sign itself looks pretty standalone at this point. It may be a temporary installation until further down the road but it looked like it was the only thing going in there at this point.

Sign on Cedar Point Dr.

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Just like mgou58 posted above, I too feel the sign on Rt. 6 is only temporary. Maybe just for this season, and then a permanent grand structure will go up next year? Would be cool to see a new sign that resembles the old sign that stood there for 30 years, with similar accents found on the toll booths and Hotel Breakers.

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What would be the point of replacing it just to replace it again?

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It’s just speculation. Why would a parking area replace the old Bon Air wing of Breakers only to be torn out to construct a new hotel wing?

You're seriously comparing a major cap expense that has several years of planning to a sign. Wow.

I KNEW I should have registered when I had the chance.

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Sorry I brought it up. Have a good night.

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Now the fact that "pylon portion" is specified intrigues me. But I won't read too much into it right now.

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Disaster Dave said:

Here are the blueprints from Cedar Point's sign permit application. This is public record on the City of Sandusky's website.

Your blueprint didn't load.

Disaster Dave said:
Here are the blueprints from Cedar Point's sign permit application. This is public record on the City of Sandusky's website.
(broken link)

Dave, I believe you posted a cache link. That kind of thing generally expires rapidly with the result you got. Do you have a URL for where you found it? Maybe we can fix it...

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