Never been to CP, trying to make a trip this season

Hi guys

never been to CP, but we've heard it is the mecca for rollercoasters. I was looking at the on-site lodging (breakers, mainly) but the booking system won't even give me available rooms or pricing. I know the park is open friday-saturday-sunday --- would like to check in thursday, leave monday.

anything I should know? we would be flying in and renting a car as it appears the airports are all a hour away from cp.


The hotel is probably closed on Thursday nights since the park doesn't open until 6 on the remaining Fridays. They probably close the hotels on Sunday nights too since they have limited staff with schools back in session. Have fun planning your trip!

You can't check in Thursday, the hotel isn't open til Friday and they usually make you wait til check in time which is mid afternoon.

What weekend are you thinking of coming up? There's a thread on this site that mentions next weekend there are buyout days, so check the operating schedule. Fall weekends can be very very busy, but if you have 3 days it should be enough. Friday operation is late/evening and is limited to certain areas of the park. Once again, check thoroughly to avoid mistakes or disappointments.

Most of us here think CP is the best amusement park on the planet. It's certainly better than anything you have in NOLA. :-) If you like parks and coasters you'll have a blast.

we don't have any amusement parks for at the very least 8 hours in any direction, and that only gets you sixflags.

thanks for the date info - it must be nice to work for cp ... only open 3 days a week and all. i figured they'd be open a day before and after for people to make travel arrangments.

You'll have an amazing time. Make sure to tell us about your trip afterward. I always find trip reports from first-timers interesting.

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It seems like castaway bay is the only place that allows a monday checkout date?

Considering we would be flying in , renting a car , and driving an hour to CP at that point most of Friday would be shot. Unless we can get a flight out Sunday night (not happening) the we're restricted to a short weekend.

at this point we were just looking at a cabin on lighthouse point

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