Nathan's AAA Trip

Notes and observations:

OK, my mind is still frosted over from having ridden MF, but here goes….

Around MF and Frontier Trail

They have moved “Albert” to permanent static display, in front of the yellow caboose on Frontier Trail. They moved the petting zoo as they mentioned, and the steam tractors are now where it was, under a new shelter. The area looks much better now. Among other things, the construction lead them to get rid of a lot overgrown stuff. The result is that the areas behind the stores are much more open. They shifted the entrance to Mantis to near its current exit. They have also put a new layer of asphalt down along the trail. The old fence and barbed wire along the lake side has been replaced with nice decorative fence that makes the train ride much more pleasant. The old second track line next to the Mantis Midway station is gone. The aux. Train cars are now being housed on the track next to the garage.

The arcades look like they have been emptied out some. Just not as much in them anymore.

The Big Wheel looks almost new again. They did a terrific job blasting the paint off and putting a new coat on. They added benches and such behind the wheel, and also cleaned the beach off. They seem to have done a little bit to tidy up the Peanuts park. The beach walk is indeed open.

The Mine Ride is faster than before. That’s a nice change.

Bay Harbor Inn does not look a bit different from the last time I was in there. If they actually did something there, I can’t tell you what it was.

Breakers Express looks huge.

The McDonalds at the end of Cedar Point Drive is as slow as it ever has been. Welcome to 3.8% unemployment! I still can’t figure out how that place can be as bad as it is. The managers were running around, again, having to walk the twits working there through every single order.

Thanks for the report, always like to hear that CEDAR CREEK MINE RIDE is going fast. LOL

201.3 Miles to the Point from Owosso MI
Nathan, how was MF!!!! Was the line long??
CP FAN: As noted in the MF section report I made, the lines are long. Granted, they were running only two trains, but the wait was over 3.5 hours.


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