My Trip (5/20, 5/21)

Day One.
I can't believe I had to wait a week for this!
I've never been so excited about a weekend trip in my life. Finally, after an eight year hiatus, I got the chance to come back to Cedar Point. I was so excited I bought a season pass and plan on returning as many times as possible.
5 am - My girlfriend and I leave East Lansing.
8:30 am - We arrive at Cedar Point.
9:30 am - Passes in hand we walk into the park.

- First we ride the Iron Dragon, would have been a walk on but we opted for the front seat. Fun ride, and a sentimental favorite being the first coaster I ever rode my first trip to the park in 1987. After cleaning an unlucky mufflehead from my glasses we headed for the Wildcat.

- After a 15 minute wait I experienced my first ride on this little monster, not bad. After this we headed over to the Corkscrew.

- 15 minutes, front seat, red train, painful first bunny hop as my knee hits the inside of the train. Still a fun ride, but we were warmed up now and wanted something bigger... looking to our right we saw it.

- After a pleasant 1/2 hour wait we boarded the Magnum, I forgot how great this ride is! In my Hot-shots photo I looked like I won the lottery, with my hands up in the air and a huge grin on my face. We decided we would return for another ride later.

- Next we rode Gemini, Blue train, back seat, no wait. I love this thing, still a great ride.

- Mean Streak was next, 45 minutes in line. That Lake Erie wind is COLD! We decide to ride front seat, yellow train. I love the Mean Streak, it has so much character. I wish more people felt the same way. Not the smoothest thing in the world, but soooo much fun. We decided to head to the front of the park for some fries and a run at the rides there.

- After eating, we headed for Disaster Transport. It was a short wait and I think they left the AC off because of the weather outside because it was a little stuffy in the queue. This ride isn't so bad. I think it's unique and a nice change of pace from the other coasters in the park, being that it's indoors and a bobsled.

- Raptor was next. The sign said 1 hour 45 minutes, we decised to wait it out. We made great time and an hour later we were almost to the stairs leading to the platform. Then a train decides to park it on the midcourse brakes and stay there for a half hour. Finally we leave the line, good thing too because it didn't fully open again for another couple hours.

- We opted for the Demon drop (30 min wait) instead. afterwards it was approaching dinner time and we decided to commit our next 4 hours to a good cause.

- Upon arriving at the Millenium Force queue we found a 4 hour wait. It was the shortest 4 hours of my life, because 2 hours and 45 minutes later I was sitting on the blue train, 5th car, on the left side, waiting for a "clear" from the ride operator. After a short trip up that monster hill, which included an unobstructed view of the lake to my left, my hands went up and my eyes got REALLY wide as we crested the first hill. Ok, I know it looks steep from the ground but this was unreal. The rest of the ride flew by so quickly I didn't know what was going on. AWESOME. The only word I can think of to describe it. So much speed, it never slows down (at least it seems that way.) I'd try to describe the ride but I coudn't possibly give it the justice it deserves, you just have to ride it. After we floated down the ramp to the midway we decided to eat.

- At 8:45 we re-entered the park. Unfortunately we couldn't ride another coater without it feeling small and slow, so we opted for a run at Power Tower. After less than an hour (would have been faster, but one of the towers kept breaking down) we hopped on for a Turbo Drop. It was dark as we climbed up and the coasters all had their lights on. Millenium Force was in front of us with its shifting colors, beautiful sight. As we reached the top I remember my girlfriend saying "I'm never doing this again." I looked at her, smiled, looked back, and we dropped. What a great end to a full day in the park.

Day Two.
9:30 - arrive at Cedar Point
Sunday, not as crowded as Saturday.

- We jump on the Raptor for a morning flight. 15 minute wait! We decided to wait an extra 15 and fly front row. I love to hang there over the midway as the train takes the slow turn into the drop. This was my first ride on Raptor and I must say, it destroys Dueling Dragons.

- Blue Streak is next, we walk onto the middle of the train. Man, that thing is rickety before it gets warmed up. :)

- Mantis is next, about a 45 minute wait. We consider the front but opt for the shorter line. This was also my first ride on this coaster, and I love it now. On the first drop a man in front of us lost his hat. The trains were backed up so they decided to stop us at the brakes, I mean REALLY stop us. Those are strong brakes. :)

- After some Dippin' Dots we rode the magnum again (front seat this time) follwed by the Gemini (Front seat, red train) and the Cedar Creek Mine Ride. The CCMR crew kept calling it the "Real Millenium Force" and saying "it travels at a speed almost as fast as the Millenium Force's line." Funny stuff.

- After a trip through White Water Landing, another front seat trip on Magnum, and another run on the Iron Dragon, we got on Power Tower for a short wait and a Space Shot. The crew was pretty picky this time and I had to prove, within a shadow of a doubt, that my glasses were strapped to my head. No big deal, he was doing his job.

- As the end of the day approached we rode Demon Drop one more time and took back to back trips on the Blue Streak (much faster in the evening.) After closing the day with a relaxing trip on the Space Spiral (always a spectacular view) we headed home.
Now all I can think about is getting back as soon as I can.
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Sounds like you had a lot of fun! I like that thing about CCMR being "the real Millennium Force". I'll have to agree with that. :)

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