My CP trip 5/16/00 (Kinda Long)

Well I finally made it to the park today and I thought I would share a bit about what I experienced and what I saw. First we made it to the park waaaaay early by mistake, we got there at like 7:30 and we were the 4th car in the park. After waiting in the parking lot staring at rides and watching space spiral sway in the wind we decided to pay and wait in line to enter the park. With the handy dandy pepsi cans we got in for $25 and made it into the park at 9. But at the front of the park was a big sign that said MF will open at noon. Figures it opens late on the day that I am there. The only ride being tested at the time was demon drop and they wouldnt let us in the queue for raptor so we decided to go over to MF and drool for a bit. This was my first time seeing this thing in real life and it was love at first sight. The blue track and silver supports look great. So at about 9:30 the park started operating rides. We got a lap on Raptor before 10 and proceeded to other rides in the park. The cool part was most rides were basically a walk on. Power Tower had like a 10min wait and stuff like corkscrew and gemini were for real a walk on. Other rides like Mantis and Magnum had little waits but not bad at all. I highly recommend to go on a weekday in May if you can because you get wait times like I just described. So you probably want to hear about MF huh. Well we went over to check out what was goin on because we had not seen 1 train run. The queue was not open and there was a HUGE line of people that went all the way down frontier trail. It was probably like 1/4 mile long. At about 12:30 they started letting people into the queue and soon after had trains of people going out. I guess the delay was because they were "trying" to get the timing right so they can get 3 trains going. But they failed to do so. However the yellow train was running and it didnt make any noises that I could tell. Soon after people were riding in the yellow train. But a little later on they swapped the yellow for the red, why they did I dont know. Lets see, oh um I saw a train get stuck near the top of the lift for a few mins. And now on to my ride experience. When we entered the queue the sign said 3 hours and it was pretty well packed. And just when I thought things couldnt get any worse it started to rain. This caused some delay because the ride was shut down. But it started sending trains of people out once again. So a little over 2 hours later we get near the loading station. The MF crew was only letting as many people as 1 train could hold into the station. Right when I get ready to go he tells me to stop. Me and my buddy were then the first people at the turnstyle thing. So when the next train came in we made the obvious choice and went for the front seat. To make a long story short we flew through the ride in the rain and I didnt feel any of it hit me cuz I was so pumped up and my face was flappin like that one dudes in that wind tunnel from that old test footage. So needless to say I am now addicted to MF. Great smooth ride not to mention insanely fast. A+ to Cedar Point for getting such a great ride. As a side note if you want to try something cool, goto the walkthrough tunnel on Frontier Trail where MF goes overhead and take a peek through the boards into the first tunnel and watch the train come flying out of it. Its real cool. Also I will be putting my on ride pic in my profile soon....I look insane in the pic. Ok im done now. Ok so I lied. Just some more misc. stuff that I noticed. When riding magnum it was pretty rough but one cool thing I did notice on magnum was they had the special effects going into the last tunnel. There were some lights and some smoke which smelled nasty. First time I ever noticed that stuff actually working on Magnum. Hmm what else. There was some swiss sounding Intamin guy in the MF station watching things. From what I could tell he didnt look too happy. *** This post was edited by ThRiLLSeEkeR on 5/17/2000. ***

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