Most affordable Location to Stay?

We are heading back to the Point this year for another couple days in the park, last year we stayed at Lighthouse Point (there were 4 of us) but this year there are only 3.

My question is where is the cheapest place to stay in the park for 3, we are literally just sleeping there so super nice isn't really needed. I saw that Breakers Hotel had some nice prices, is that going to be the best for the buck?

Does the hotel have to be at Cedar Point? Because there are much cheaper options not too far from the park. Both times I have gone up me and my friends stayed at a Hampton Inn which is about 5 miles from the park for about $120 per night.

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We would like to stay onsite and get the early rides in before the park opens, this might be the best time to ride Gatekeeper and not worry about lines.

I checked and Breakers Express was the cheapest at $79 per night for just the room. Now judging by the price, my guess is that this is a very basic form of a hotel room. Lighthouse Point was $205 a night and Hotel Breakers is $185 a night.

Top 5 Coasters #1 Millennium Force #2 Intimidator (Carowinds) #3 Top Thrill Dragster #4 The Beast #5 X2

Coasters I want to ride: #1 El Toro #2 Leviathan #3 The Voyager #4 I305 #5 Behemoth

Breakers Express was my family's choice to stay when we didn't have season passes to get in for morning ERT. It wasn't a bad place to stay when we were there in 2003, 04, and 05, and you get discounted ride and slide 2 day tickets. Each room has 2 queen size beds. The only downside to Express is breakfast. There was free coffee and a snack cart in the lobby with fruit and things like Little Debbie snacks and granola bars. If you don't NEED to stay on the peninsula that is your best bet for Cedar Point hotels.

If you have season passes or don't care about the morning ERT there are plenty of less expensive motels in the Sandusky area. I stayed at the Knights Inn motel east of the park on Cleveland Road in 2008. Once the door was closed you would have no idea it was a motel instead of a hotel. And they have a really nice expanded continental breakfast every morning with poptarts, toaster waffles, oatmeal, cereal, fruit, juice, milk, coffee, and tea.

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For CP owned hotels, Breakers Express will probably be your best bet. The rooms are nice enough, similar to what you'd find at your average Holiday Inn. There's a McDonald's and Dairy Queen right across the street that both serve breakfast that you can stop at before heading to the park.

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Thanks everyone.

I will recommend Lighthouse point,Florida,USA.
I agree that it is a affordable place to stay.It does not means that you will get the goods free of cost but you will find a difference in prices and will feel free to do shopping and purchasing. ( I am including accommodation in this too).
It is also known as one of the biggest radio and television markets in USA.

Before you look at the cheapest option, take a look at the CP website itself, and look at the lodging section -- select your dates and select all resort hotels as your option -- every pricepoint for every resort hotel type room will be shown.

Depending on dates -- there are times of year that Breakers and Breakers Express can have virtually identical prices when you book the Twin Section or Bon Aire section (older Breakers section) prices...and its WAY more convenient to stay On Point rather that down the road where you have to drive...of course the more popular times that is certainly not the case...

They also use a system in which when they first begin to book rooms they are cheaper -- as they begin to book up the prices begin to go up for the remaining rooms as well...

I book when they first release the room rates and start reservations (usually in March) and I get really cheap room rates all summer long so I book them then -- even a few weeks later, the prices are already much higher...

So, just a heads up -- plan ahead for next summer already, book early, and you'll find plenty of discounts right ON the point...

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