Monthly Salary?

Sorry mods if it's not ok to discuss this. What's the salary of musicians in Live Entertainment at CP? Will I be able to make at least 4-5k?

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4-5K in what time period?

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You'll make about $2k a month before taxes as a musician.

If I were to work 2 months in summer. Do you if they keep performers possibly into the fall?

Does that include additional shows? I remember reading on the audition page before they updated it that there were additional optional paying gigs.

As a former Live E tech, you will likely NOT get hired if you cannot fulfill the entire summer schedule. Sorry to be blunt, but that is the truth. They need someone fine with performing 6 days a week, from show open in mid to late May and until early August. Plus, for performers, rehearsals start early May.

If you can stay on for Halloweekends, they usually will keep you. Or you could be hired just for the Halloween shows, but that is only weekend commitments.

In regards to additional shows: They are rare, but opportunities do come up. Often fairly last minute, so be open.

I loved working in Live E and met a lot of very talented people. Best of luck with auditioning!

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