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Hey Guys,

I E-mailed Cedar Point regarding the MF queue music. I asked them if they were able to give the names of the songs that were played in the line. They responded with a list of the 5 CD's that are played. Many of them do not say which mix it is, or artist. I was wondering if any of you guys here had any idea on some of these songs.

I think I know a few of them, but I still need help on figuring out the rest.


Perfect Day : Perfect Day - Hoku

Whereever You Go : Stars (Almighty Mix) - Roxette

Sunlight Short :

Romeoshort : Romeo - Basement Jaxx

Keep On Dancing DJ Bobo : Keep on Dancing - DJ BOBO

On My Own : On My Own - Reina (Correct song, looking for right mix/artist.)

Track 5 From Mag 80’s : Roam Around the World - B52s

Gotta Get Through This : Gotta Get Thru This (D'n'D Radio Edit) - Daniel Bedingfield (May not be correct mix. Anyone confirm?)

Phantom 2006

City of Light-N

^^Vertigo by U2 should be in here somewhere

Every Breath You Take : Every Breath You Take - The Police (Confirmed? Not very Techno-ish.)

SOS : SOS - Rihanna

Love Is a Lonely Place : Love is a Lonely Place Without You - Cher

MF2 : Queue Safety Spiel (Refrain from smoking blah blah blah)



Let the Sun Shine : Let the Sun Shine - Milk & Sugar (Either the Terrace Vocal mix or the original version.)

Whitney Megamix ShortN
- I'm Every Woman (Some Remix) - Whitney Houston
- I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) [Some Remix] - Whitney Houston
- It's not Right but It's Okay (Tunderpuss Radio Mix) - Whitney Houston

Celine Dion Im alive Pop Folder : I'm Alive - Celine Dion



Fun Megamix 2N :
- Can't fight the Moonlight - LeAnn Rimes
- The Boys of Summer - DJ Sammy
- Come... (Into My Dreams) - Foggy


Dive Final Act : Diving - 4 Strings (Original Version)

Cry for YesterdayN : Ordinary World - Aurora featuring Naimee Coleman


Hey NowN (Hillary Duff comes to mind on this one, LOL)

Don’t Stop MovinN : Don't Stop Movin' - S Club 7 (Original Mix)

Were in Heave Dance Mix : Heaven - DJ Sammy (Not sure of the mix yet)


Phantom 2006

Streets N : Empty Streets - Late Night Alumni

No Satisfaction : I Can't Get No Satisfaction - Brittany Spears (Finally found the right song.)

All the Things You Said : All the things she said - T.A.T.U.

Time after Time : Time after Time - ??? (Artist unknown. QuietDrive? Cindy Lauper Remix? )

Stand REM : Stand - R.E.M.


I'm not going : And I am Telling you I'm not going (Dance Mix) - Jennifer Hudson

And the list of songs we know we've heard but have no clue where they fit in on the play list:

Wherever You Are - Laava

Lucky - Britney Spears

Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Unplugged Radio Edit) - Andain (Confirmed?)

Twilight Zone - 2 Unlimited (Confirmed?)

Odysee - Scarf

Oh yeah, make sure that if you help to contribute to this list, that you don't list songs that you heard from the Live DJ's. We're listing songs from the... auto dj playlist?

Anyone care to help?

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I have absolutely no idea about any other songs or stuff like that but I know this is the song played when getting on in the station.

(scroll down)
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Praying for a rollback...

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Yes, I have the offical Station Music, but I'm looking for the Queue music.

It's been so long since I have actualy waited in line for a long period of time when the music was actualy on.

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Last time I was in line they were playing Celine Dion. Not exactly music that get's you pumped to ride if you ask me.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

The music in Millenium's queue NEEDS help...and lots of it...they need to get rid of that heavy techno beat. Not only is it irritatingly loud and annoying, it is out of sync with the music and lyrics to the song and it drives me crazy.

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No Satisfaction, is (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones.

I do know who over picked the music needs to get fired. I know its techno, and crap what person wants to hear for 2 hours.

Geauga Lake with its new station music plays music that people want to hear, a mixture of rock, pop, rap, and country.

ltrain2006 said:
The music in Millenium's queue NEEDS help...and lots of it...they need to get rid of that heavy techno beat. Not only is it irritatingly loud and annoying, it is out of sync with the music and lyrics to the song and it drives me crazy

Ok Techno, Electronica, or crap w/e u wanna call it fits that ride perfectly. The Lyrics rent always made to fit the beat thats the point. U dont agree listen to lcd soundsystems. The theming and all agrees w/ it and some do like it.

Yeah new year, and finally got my license, well back in august. Im in need of a trip to the park.

It may not be the same, but there's a 'Gotta Get Through This' by Daniel Bedingfield (may have two 'b's in it,) of 'If You're Not The One' fame. It's got that fast/pop/whatever beat to it, so it would fit (although I haven't specifically heard it.)

And I think the 'Time After Time' is a remix of the song of Cyndi Lauper fame, maybe, but might be a remake?

Hope this is of some help. I'll try to listen in line this weekend with this thread in mind. :)


Hey, some of us love the heavy techno. It fits the ride, and gets you excited.

I was getting mad the other day when they were playing some rock crap in line. I wanted my regular beats back :(

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I'm thinking there are more people who like the current music than ones that do not, hence, the reason why its still played. I doubt anyones getting fired anytime soon.

It's My Life by Bon Jovi is also played.

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I agree, I love the music. It goes great. And its not techno, it is more dance.

You are right about Empty Streets and "Let the Sun Shine" is by Milk and Honey.

The techno (sp?) music is like the theme music of MF, kinda like the racing and car songs with TTD.

While a mix is nice it's good to keep with the roots.

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"Every Breath You Take" has to be by The Police.

Also, "Diving, Final Act" might be by 4 Strings. It's one of those dance/techno songs that would seem to fit in that queue.

I can confirm that the DJ Bobo song you found on iTunes (Keep on Dancing) is the one they play in queue, though I don't think they play the full song, just a part of it. Oh, and the Don't Stop Movin song is by S Club 7, but the mix they use might be a different mix than either of the 2 on iTunes since I seem to remember it sounded a little different than either of them.


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List is updated. Thanks for all your help guys.

On friday I plan on trying out that song Identifier on my cell phone to see if I can figure out some of these songs. We'll see how that goes.

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It's not techno! The correct genre is vocal trance/dance pop and I love it!!!

It makes me wanna boogie right there in the queue. To bad I was by myself that day. I would of looked like a freak breaking it down!

I damn near pissed myself yesterday when I heard VNV Genesis in line for MF. I have never heard that band in any line before so I was totally surprised.

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One song that should be (don't know if it is) Odysee by Scarf. There's a video of MF in 2006 with that song in the back ground, on YouTube.

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When I was there the other day, I was sure that they were using either Trance party 2 or 3, mixed by...The Happy Boys.
I picked up those CDs a year or so ago at F.Y.E.

By the way, only reason I fell in love witht that kind of music is Millennium Force's queue. I say keep it. ;)

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I don't see it on the list they sent you, so it may be part of a megamix or something, but I have heard Vertigo by U2 played in the queue several times.


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