Mid to end of August one day.

I know this is a ways off, but...

My wife saw a commercial last night, and suggested it as a birthday present (Aug. 14) I have family in Port Clinton that would be willing to baby sit, but they work during the week. So we would have to go on a Saturday. I'm wondering which would be best for low crowd volumes: the last Sat of extended hours, or the first Sat of the shorter hours. So the 17th or 24th.

I've always went during the week before, to have shorter lines. The problem would be, the only person who would possibly baby sit is 15 miles farther away than I already am. So about 100 miles away vs 20 if something would happen. But would the crowd be small enough to warrant doing it that way?

Sorry for rambling, just trying to get all the info out. And clear my head in the process.


I'd go the 17th

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I'd say the 24th might be less busier than the 17th.

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