Mid-Season Platinum Pass Discount

I've been (until this year) a platinum pass holder for the past 4 seasons, but I've failed to take note of one thing this until I now question it. Is there ever a discount on the platinum pass as the summer season draws to a close and Halloweekends come around? I'm getting the itch again to get back up there a few times this year, and I know the Plat Pass is the best option for me. But does anyone know if they discount it between now and September? I can wait until then to get it, as I'm not in any rush, but I'm just curious.

Thanks in advance!

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No, it actually goes up in price and you can no longer choose the payment plan.

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The pass is just as worthwhile until the last week or two of the season. They don't go down in pricing just because you chose to give up the first half of the season. :(

Its a marketing thing, if prices went down though out the season people would wait to buy them. Resulting in few trips
to the park.

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