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Anecdotally, of the ~30 people I saw at two locations in California, I saw 2 people with animal style fries.

And again, if their fries are so bad that to be enjoyable requires ordering them to be prepared in an off-menu style, covered in processed "cheese" and salad dressing, they're doing it wrong.


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^I think that's why it's called In-N-Out. Not because you're supposed to be In-N-Out fast, but because you need to know the In's and the Out's to make sure it all tastes great!

I thought it was named that due to the establishments effect on "digestive" issues.

I've lived in Southern CA since late 1974,(although this status is going to change at the end of this month) and I can count on my fingers the number of times I've eaten at an In n Out. Never understood the fascination of the "native" population with it. Of course until fairly recently they were only in the greater Los Angeles area. Their fries IMHO were borderline disgusting, limp, greasy things.

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My one encounter with In-n-Out was not great either, in no small part because I don't eat red meat. And the fries were gross.

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I’ve never really had a bad experience at In n Out. My first time going, I was told to get my burger and fries animal style and I’ve enjoyed it since. I’ll take In N Out over the ridiculously priced for no reason Five Guys any day.

And in all honesty, what fast food joint doesn’t use processed “cheese” on their food? ;)

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Fair, but there is a difference between processed "American cheese" and whatever the hell that cheese sauce is. I'm not saying I don't enjoy that stuff from time to time - nachos with "cheese" is my Kryptonite, but I expect the nachos to at least be edible without the cheese.


I don’t think you fully understand any of what you just said.

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First, the suggestion that In-n-out is bland is ridiculous; like or dislike the flavor all you want, but to suggest that it lacks it is demonstrably false.

Second, wut?

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