Melt bar and grill open

I can chime in on your point about quality workers,

I applied this year for a part time spot for Halloweekends and the experience I had with the interview process was so unprofessional I declined the offer. Not only were they 30 minutes late to my interview, but the communication about where to go and how the process worked was poor at best. As a manager for a local company I was shocked at how unprofessional the whole process was. And I get it, you’re hiring seasonal employees but if your recruiters can’t even follow a basic schedule and communicate properly then you won’t get quality workers. I’ve noticed all season they’ve been understaffed and seemed even more desperate to staff for Fall. Plus paying a crappy wage won’t get many people signing up either.

Understaffing seemed much more severe this season than any previously. Friday night had a huge shortage of food service locations open. I’m imagining that carried through the whole weekend, and regardless of business they just didn’t have enough employees.

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Years ago a friend a I were at a dive bar that served food and I was there to basically listen and be his therapist for some personal issues. Well quite a few drinks in, a mother with a small child yelled at us that she and her kid could hear my friend cussing. Without batting an eye, he turned around and screamed " YOU BROUGHT YOUR EFFIN KID TO A EFFIN BAR YOU IDIOT! WHAT THE EFF DID YOU EXPECT?!?? Then turned around and acted like nothing happened. Well that was the last thing she said to us but I was just mortified but he was also 100% right just not that tactful but very drunk but right. Many years ago and still hilarious. This wasn't a restaurant that had kiddie menus but a full dive bar that served bar food.

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^I would have paid money to be a fly on the wall for that.

Quite a few times I've seen that happen. Like some places like Applebees with a kid behind the bar and it makes no damn sense, but a straight bar...yeah no.

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I was mortified but also drunk and thought it was just epic. Lol!

JTaylor said:
What have they changed in regards to employees that makes the good workers that care leave before the season ends? Seems like years back this kind of thing didn't happen...

What have they changed? Let's see...

1) Promoting people to positions that don't deserve it, purely because they're loved by their manager for whatever reason.

2) Moving employees who were contracted at a specific location to another location permanently without a heads up about it.

3) Have made their employees feel under appreciated with the pay rate to those who have stuck it out all season (which is sad that I have to use the term "stuck it out", because a few years ago, people were sad when they'd have to leave for the season)

4) Unnecessary rules that in no way effect the positive guest experience (EXAMPLE: crew hoodies can only be maroon or dark blue this season...WHAT?!)

5) IROC policies - enough said

6) Not allowing employees to call off when they're sick (I would much rather you stay away from work for a day).

7) Living conditions! It is NOT uncommon for someone to process in, get all excited for work, then see their dorm. Pack the car back up and drive the heck home. If you've seen the dorms, can you blame them?

Those are just a few at the top of my head. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love Cedar Point, but the current management needs a reality check. Simple things to keep employees happy and get new ones through the door. Times are changing. Why are we still not hiring people with tasteful sleeve tattoos?

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Well, as someone who has visited CP since the 60's, I'm not seeing how some of the things you mentioned have changed from years past. Playing devil's advocate:

1) If an employee is loved by their manager, there must be a reason for it and the manager must think the employee will do the job. Sometimes what other employees see and what the manager sees is different, but that is hardly a new change and it happens in all businesses.

2) Don't know if that happened in the past but it doesn't seem so bad. You just have to suck it up. Most places call that "other duties as assigned" in your job description.

3) People know the pay rate when they accept the job, I don't see the problem here.

4) Back in the day, I never saw crew in hoodies. They were strictly only allowed to wear either the old polyester uniform or the CP rain suits they purchased. I see dress rules being more lax now compared to what they used to be. Color of hoodies? Again, suck it up, you are a uniformed employee.

5) Granted, negative experience for guests because of slower loading and dispatching, but does it make the employees job worse? Don't see how it would except for maybe a little extra work. Once again, suck it up.

6) Yes, that is a problem and should be changed.

7) That's always happened, even years ago from what I understand. With the cheap rent rates, it's one of those things where you get what you pay for. But, it was always like that from what I understand so that affected employee retention even going years back.

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than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

Did they abolish the $1/hr season-end bonus for working your full contract?

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CPMaverick- They quit the bonus program a bunch of years ago from what I understand.

Twisted Wicker- What are IROC policies? No late-80’s Camaros allowed?


A dollar?!? Hell, when I worked there we made .25/hr and leads/managers made .50.
But back then it was still a huge check at the end, I always bought my books with it. And it was incentive to stay, that’s for sure.

They should bring that bonus back for sure then if it will help with employee retention. A guy at work just came back from a sat/sun trip said it was horrible. Said that the food lines were worse than the rides. They had the ride and refresh deal but couldn't hardly use it because most stand were closed. If they hadn't paid for the hotel room and tickets already they would have came home Saturday.

Yes, it is tragic to see the short staffing and the typical reasons why. I once worked at a company that was rumored to be the in place to work if you're lucky to get in. I got in and found the arrogance was beyond words. It was full of cliques and was knows as a "cult". You had to be a Stepford wife to work there, seriously. Keep your mouth shut, kiss the right butt and you were on easy street. Your mind is to be receptive thought only. It seems that Cedar Point continues to report record earnings and their response is not to encourage employees to want to stay, they pull the typical business tactic of offering even less in wages and making it less and less appealing to work there over all. Is it just the greed of a few at the top wanting MORE, MORE, MORE! These companies think "Hey, we're (company X), of course everyone wants to work here and we can treat them any way we want, they should just be grateful to be here". That ignorance eventually comes back on them. The company I used to work for has gone from being the rumored ideal place to work, to a low paying gutter with viciousness and a pack mentality like you wouldn't believe, and their status has fallen considerably. We actually saw a male ride operator crying in the booth at Magnum on Sunday while another employee was consoling him. Wow, that was a new experience.

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^The op was probably having a rough day and some rude guest made it worse..Happens more than you think.

I can't begin to tell you how angry people are at an amusement park. I mean most I guess have seen it too. Like seeing enthusiasts mad at an enthusiast based event. Makes zero sense to me...

I'm at a park to ride rides and have fun. Some turn out like Randy Marsh at a sporting event...

"I thought this was 'Merica"

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Pete, I typically tend to agree with you. However, there are a lot of flaws in your statements as you only see things as an outsider. Not from an insider's standpoint. I would love to touch base on each at a later time when I'm not bogged down with work. BUT one thing I will touch on is "cheap rent". That's a joke as my off point apartment in Huron was cheaper a month than staying at Commons. Not everybody has that chance of luxury. You are almost making it seem as if the living conditions are "OK" because they've always been that way.

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Well I didn't mean to imply that the housing was good, just that it always sucked so that is nothing new. On price, I forgot that area rent is cheap, I was comparing to Cleveland where the price CP charges would get you an apartment that includes rats and roaches, drug deals and gunshots.

I'd rather be in my boat with a drink on the rocks,
than in the drink with a boat on the rocks.

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Pete said:
would get you an apartment that includes.......drug deals and gunshots.

Like commons?

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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Melt is getting improved this year with kitchen upgrades and new management.

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Thanks for linking that article. That seems like great news. I enjoyed my visit in June but our visit in August was not good, with some of the things people referenced above. I hope they can improve for 2018, it's a great place to eat at in the park when running as it should.

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Most likely lip service from Tony in response to the interview in which CP gets exemplified by the Melt founder regarding quality control issues.
Given their lengthy history of poor food services and running chain standards into the dumpster, there’s no reason to believe it will be any different mid-season this year as it was mid-season last year (except for an increase in menu prices).

But at least there’s still a full service bar in the park ( glass half full attitude ).

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Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

After recently getting to experience Tom+Chee (I know there's one at KI) I would much rather they just remove Melt and put in a Tom+Chee.

Much better in my opinion and a lot cheaper too, of course park prices can void that argument.

Never stepped foot inside Melt at the park, I've been to almost every Cleveland location and it's just not that special to me. Plus I hate how thick the bread is. :)

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