May 18 - May 21, 2019

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 9:20 AM

We went May 18 ( Saturday ) through May 21 (Tuesday) . Myself, my wife, and 2 teenage boys.

We arrived 9 Pm Saturday night to the Breakers Express. The room was very clean and nice. The only downside was the safe did not work, but maintenance did fix it within half an hour. We faced the pool, and it was loud until 11 PM, and then it was fine.

Sunday the 19th had a large chance of rain starting at 2 PM, so we took full advantage of early entry and rode what was open. GK, TTD, and Raptor never opened Sunday. The rain finally hit around 5. We left, had dinner, and got back at 7:45 for one more SV ride. SV wait times got up to 2 hours - we chose not to FL+ since we thought it would be low crowds Monday. Out room had not been cleaned as of 9 PM, so we ordered more towels and that was it.

Monday the 20th was cold and windy. SV was down until noon, so we used early entry for Maverick and MF. There were a ton of school groups Monday, so we purchased FL+ for the $65 fee each (platinum pass discount) which were well worth it. Valravn got up to 1.45 hours and SV 2.5 hours. GK and Raptor down all day, TTD opened in afternoon.

My wife and I took a break at 4 PM - and the room was still not cleaned. This was the only disappointment of the trip other then smoking ion the park. I understand that CP is understaffed and May is a tricky month, but we were staying for 3 days so the room should have been cleaned. I called housekeeping at 9 PM and had the trash emptied, the coffee refilled and got more towels.

Tuesday I dropped the kids off at 9 because everything looked open, and we packed the room. We met at 10 and rode Valravn since it was a walk on, and left.

To the high schoolers on Monday - I did not see a single problem, nor hear a single swear word, BRAVO on your behavior!

To CP, I know you are understaffed,but there was a lot of smoking and vaping all 3 days. I also noticed quite a few cobwebs and dirt on the rides that I can't imagine are from 2019 yet. I will always come to the park because I love it, but some contract cleaning in October or April wouldn't hurt.

To the CP employees - hang in there, it has just started. I saw several employees talk back to customers, especially regarding seat assignment. You need to get thicker skin. Some customers will be upset, but firmly and politely stand your ground and don't get flustered!

Overall a great trip!

Now a 26 time Steel Vengeance survivor! One time Winter Chill Out dude.

Thursday, May 23, 2019 3:31 PM

Thicker skin is definitely necessary when working in anything customer/guest related. Ride hosts also need to take into consideration that guests are there for a good time. They tend to lack common sense during their day of fun.


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