May 17, 2000. WOW!

Well, this was my first trip to CP. Flew in from St.Louis that mourning and arrived at CP at 1. Decided to do the Raptor first. Waited in line for 20 min. That is a good ride. After Raptor it was time to head to MF. The waiting time said 3 hrs. Decided now is as good as any and got in line. Took only 1 hr and 20 min and we were on. Last car, left side. This has to be the most intense roller coaster ever. Speed, speed, speed!!!!!!! If you plan on going to CP this summer, DO NOT ride the MF first. This will only ruin every other ride there. After riding MF, all other coasters seem obsolete. I want to shoot myself for wasting precious time riding all the other coasters. Did not have a chance to ride MF for a second time. Magnum Xl-200 is not even in the same league as far as I'm concerned. So their you have it. This is just my 2 cents
Right on "TK". We definitely were desensitised after riding MF. Every other ride, except for Mantis, seemed outdated after riding the best coaster on earth. One observation... DO NOT ride mantis with an uneasy stomach! This ride will test the limits of human physioligy and should not be taken lightly, especially from the back seat. Great rides and great friends translates to an outstanding experience. TK and the infamous Snodgrass... LETS DO IT AGAIN!!
I had an uneasy and over stuffed stomach going onto Magnum, and guess what happened? Nothing, in fact it made my upset stomach go away. Don't you just love adrenaline?!
speaking of mantis, if you dont take g-forces very well, mantis is not the ride for you and you woild probably see(and feel) why!

the coaster fanatic
There is no possible way you can get me off Gemini.

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