May 15,2000 Trip

Me and my dad got to the park at about 8:50. We got are Season Passes and headed toward Millennium Force. We only had to wait 1:45 mins. When we were right on the turning thing in the station I started to become a little scared. We were assignied row 3 on the blue train then we were cleared and we where off for the ride of our lives. (The water dummies were out of the yellow train but the train was still on the transfer track). After that we hopped on the Mantis. The new line area is alot better than the old one and alot easier to find.The Mantis was a very smooth ride.Then we made our way through Frontier Trail to the Mean Streak. It would have been a walk on but we waited for the front seat. It was alot smoother than last year I thought. After Mean Streak we made our way to Magnum. We waited 30 mins. for the ride. Magnum was alot more bumpier than usual. After we ate lunch we headed towards Corkscrew. We got a whole lot of airtime and Corkscrew. Then we Iron Dragon, what can I say we just ate lunch and it was the easiest ride to ride after lunch. Then we took the neon Sky Ride cars to Raptor. Waited about an hour and another 10 mins. for the front. Just as smooth as ever. Then we made our way to Gemmini. On the way we hit Choas. After Gemmini he were kinda hot so we went to Disaster Transport. A great ride for a sunny day. Then we went to look at how long the ride for Raptor was. It was over an hour so we packed up and went back home. Overall a great day at the point. The highlight of the day was the great ride on Millennium Force. Everyone is right it is worth ever second of waiting.


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