May 14-15 TR (LONG)

Me and my fiance have made the trek to CP (we live in Boca Raton, FL -- my family lives in Ohio)...

We arrived Sat. night at 8:45 at our condo in the Harbour. Called over to CP and they said they were shutting off the line to MF at 9pm. Oh well, we'll go tomorrow.

Sunday came and we got our season passes. Never saw the raising of the flag and national anthem before. Pretty neat. After waiting for 30 minutes to get our passes, we entered at around 9:30am. I decided that I was going to show my fiance all the other rides first, since I had a feeling MF would spoil everything (she never has been to CP). We went to the Raptor which was running at 9:30am. Cold!!! The weather was definitely not what we expected. She froze her ears off, but loved the ride. She thought it was much better than Dueling Dragons, or Montu. Me as well, another great ride on Raptor, even in the cold!

We then proceeded to Disaster Transport, because it was so cold. I warned her about the ride, but when we rode it, she liked it. I kinda thought it was pretty know it was cute. Then on to the Blue Streak...great ride! My fiance thought it was good, but rough. She didn't like the roughness and didn't really understand the old style out and back.

Then on to the Iron Dragon. Cute. Nothing really special...I caught myself glancing over at the MF. On to the Wildcat. Great except our backs are now in a different zipcode after that chain and the stop at the end.

We then proceeded (what was supposed to be direct) indirectly to the Mean Streak. It took us a while as we were shocked at the speed of this train blazing by. Holy ****! I just wanted to stay at the Tenderfoot Pass and watch trains go by. I actually jumped up and down as a train came over the hill from the isle and some people in the front saw me and for a split second shouted some obcentities at me.

The Mine Ride was there on the way, so we rode that. Cute. Really slower (especially at the end before the helix) than I remembered. But fun. Finally the Mean Streak.

Mean Streak was rough, but my fiance liked it. I didn't notice it being any smoother at all. I really don't understand this ride.

Gemini was next -- man, I don't know I love this ride, but the bottom of the first hill really jarred us. Kinda strange. But it was fun...she didn't like the roughness at the hill. I really didn't either. Magnum was next. I really enjoyed the ride...bringing back lots of memories as I was one of the first to ride back in 89..(? has it been that long?) My fiance like the Mean Streak better :) she said the Magnum was really was..especially after we rode MF).

Then the corkscrew. The restraints sucked but I enjoyed it. Love the airtime on the second bunnyhop into the loop.


Now it is time. The MF is next. Let me just say, if you don't want to know about this ride in great detail, do not read on.

We got in line as it said 3 hours. It was only 2 1/2. I couldn't stop watching the trains go sizzling by and over us and back into the station. You stand in this queue that winds back and forth for 50 yards. This queue, even though you have seen it on the webcam, is very suprising once you actually stand in it. Situated very nicely let me say. As to provoke nervousness and excitement as each train goes by. Ok, I know this ride is 1:45 long, but this train going by at the end was ****ing flying! I mean 50-60 mph. maybe more. And the people. Everyone on this ride is going NUTS. EVeryone. I'm talking about everyone and their babies. People were throwing their babies at this ride as if it were an alter. Seriously, just a side note, we rode this thing 5 times over the course of 2 days, 10 hours waiting total, and it didn't even seem bad, because we were witnessing this insaneness going around us. You finally get to the 'straightaway' part of the queue as you make your trek up to the station. This straightaway goes parallel with the track. You are only about 5 feet away from the blazing trains going by. The WIND off of these trains is enormous. HUGE! As you walk up the track, the train and the ride becomes clearer. As when you are in the queue, the Tents block your view, and also when you are in the last part of the straighaway, you are much higher off the ground, with an unobstructed view of the hill. Right there man. Staring right back at you.

Ok, warning here. This ride is SO DECEIVING. There is absolutely NO REFERENCE against the rest of the ride. The hill really didn't look that high to me for some reason. Not like the Magnum once looked. Now I'm talking about when you are right up next to it. When you are crossing the causeway it looks like a national monument. It is.

When you start into the last part of the queue you see the trains coming in to the unloading station....i'm talking about utter jubulation. Even the 'cool guys' and some of the old folk have a smirk on their face. 'Better grab some soap to wash those mouths off and have a good day at America's rollercoast' was said a few times by the attendant. I started to get a little nervous.

Ok, I'm a skydiver (have my license), and a pilot (also a license). I know what its like to dive into a spin with 8 g's pulling against you instantaneously. NOTHING WILL PREPARE YOU EVER. EVER FOR THIS RIDE. NOTHING. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. You cannot say, oh this ride is like magnum, but faster. Or, oh this ride is like the Steel Phantom but without the loop..etc...

Ha......Hahaha......You watch the train get whipped smoothly out of the station and shot up the track and then it is gone. Oh my god. I step into the train....Back seat Last train. My fiance is white...ghost white. "Clear". Oh ****. Holy ****. The train is whipped out of the station. Immediately you feel the smoothness of this ride. 10 seconds. There is the top of the magnum. Oh my god. Oh my god. 10 more seconds. There is the top of the hill. We're not so high up, right? The lift pulls you silently over the top. You begin your descent down the first hill. Immediately you go airborne. One thousand one. One thousand two...where is the track? Holy god. One thousand three. One thousand ....speed. speed. speed. nothing like you ever will see. or feel. Pure utter speed in your face. Wind like you will never imagine. You immediately hit the bottom and up into the overbanked turn...Man is this nice. This is classic. The more I ride the MF, the better this gets. I'm leaning out by the 5th ride...trying to touch the fingers that support the ride. Upside down horizon if you hang over the side. Right side for you folks. Right side is the very best.

The speed is intense into the first tunnel. You are simply grazing the ground at 92 mph into this tunnel. Blackout and then instantaneously into the first isle hill. Now this is where you have some serious decision making. Do you sit in the back seat, where you get incredible pulling down the hills. Or do you sit in the front seats, were you get MAJOR AIRTIME OVER ALL HILLS. Guys and gals, you must sit in car 5. I cannot stress this enough. Car 5 is amazing! Airtime, Airtime, and Airtime. But this car does not feel like a front seat. Over this hill you come crashing into the the first turn on the isle. Amazing...pure speed. You cannot begin to understand unless you have ridden this. This ride DOES NOT SLOW DOWN. Head chopper on the right...look out!!! into the second turn....amazing.....head chopper on the right...look out!!! into the last hill off the isle. MAJOR MAJOR UNPRECENDENTED AIRTIME. into the tunnel. Strobe light? Was that a strobe light? :) Hot shots have got you again. Say cheese.

Now this is where I thought the fun part was. This is where you get to show your friends down on the ground how ****ING GOOD THIS RIDE REALLY IS. you come out of the tunnel into this bunnyhop RIGHT next to the station. Screaming is intense. People are blurs. You cannot make out one single person. But I was pointing at the blur. Shaking my fists. Bank to the left...awesome! There are all the riders who just got off the ride...jumping up and down pointing at us because they know what you are feeling at that very moment. Point back. But you aren't pointing at them anymore because it is just TOO FAST FOR REFLEXES. Look over to the right and yell at the queue...its right there and you are ON TOP OF THE WORLD. For that moment you are the king. People are looking up at you as peasants look up to royalty.

Hang over the right side on this turn. Incredible. You are coming into the station with BLAZING SPEED!!! Holy ****!...Magnetic breaks engage....Now I thought these were electric or something, but they are just magnets. all in a row...very nice idea. Very SMOOTH transition from 60 to 5mph. Kinda like the reverse of OuterLimits or Rock'n'Roll Rollercoaster. Into the station where the queue is on your right, with people that look like they want the scoop. They want to just get your attention and ask it going to be alright?

Yes, it is going to be alright...and you will never believe me until you ride it, but nothing comes close to this ride. Nothing...I've been around, and absolutely nothing compares. Ladies and Gentleman, we have THE WINNER. Hands down, not even an suffices to say that this is THE BEST RIDE ON THE PLANET. Sheer speed, amazing airtime!, and unbelievable design. Unbelievable. You will not understand why all those other rides were so rough. You could balance your coffee on your lap if it wasn't for the inversions and speed.

The trains are incredible. So nice. First of all, there is so much room. The lapbars are THE MOST COMFORTABLE that I've ever seen. Seatbelts were very nice and overall, I'd say this is how all trains should be.

Folks, if you haven't been on MF, you need to ride this. Don't waste your time on anything else. anything. Don't waste your money on anything else. anything.

MF is not even comparable to any ride. I'm not saying that it is better than this or that, and I know alot of you want to hear that, but if you asked me to rate the ride, I'd laugh at you.

And so would 20 or 30 thousand people that rode it this weekend. The park was packed on monday and I've never seen this many people so excited. I met this guy from Cincinnati who was on his 4th ride of the day. He drove up to ride it and couldn't get off :) hehehe seriously, they ought to have a Millenium Force anonymous right next to the Hot Shots. Me and Fiance couldn't stop riding.

Note, this is a 2 train operation. I don't care what you say. They are going to have to slow the lift down to put a third train. I really hope they don't. They kept the lines at 2 1/2 hours, and the lines were hauling on monday. Very nice dispatching. No time in between trains. This ride is just shorter than most because of its speed. hehehe You WILL NOT complain :) I would wait 5 hours for this. I really don't want to ride anything else now. This is just amazing. The engineering on this thing is unreal. I cannot wait for the next decade to roll by. We are so lucky to be in a golden age where we are witnessing man-made endeavors like this.


Simply Unreal.

WOW! Great trip report, I couldn't of said it better myself! I'm addicted to this thing too, I think a Millenium Force anonymous is a good idea :-)

Whats life if you never get to the point?

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