Maxair and Gatekeeper

At the park yesterday June 13th, 2021. Maxair is still down, anyone know what's up with it? Love that ride and it has not opened yet this season!

Gatekeeper was down and they had a huge crane there at the base of the lift hill. Wonder if they broke the chain again!

It was a nice day though, really nice weather and not too busy for a Sunday!

Someone told me that the engine broke on the MaXair. I hope it will be fixed. I love to ride it.

Certainly hope so, love it because you get one nice long ride out of it. Love skyhawk to but it's too short!!

Wonder what is up with Gatekeeper?

Anything new lately with Gatekeeper? I'm hoping to ride with my girlfriend this weekend. And yes, I'll show her Rougarou too!

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Nobody likes a bragger, Shawn. ;)

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Shawn, at least you are just going to "show" her Rougarou, because if you let her ride it the scenario may turn into "Shawn, let's go home. I have a headache...."

Just joking Shawn, I hope you guys have an enjoyable day at CP.

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Wish I could bring a girlfriend to the park. My boys would probably spill the beans to Mom though.

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Any updates on gatekeeper?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Yeah the chain must've snapped Saturday morning. I was there when the park opened and they were running it for a while but it looked like it was stuck by around 11-12pm or so?

maXair seems to have been down for a while. I saw some guys working on it on Memorial Day but it was still down when I was there on the 14th. A lot of people hate the ride but I enjoy it a lot

Cargo Shorts said:

Wish I could bring a girlfriend to the park. My boys would probably spill the beans to Mom though.

Hilarious! Just don't take the boys. Problem solved :)

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Any updates on gatekeeper?

I saw a video on Reddit of the train going over the crest of the lift last night probably after park closing and slowly completing the course. Someone said they communicated with the repair crew who said they are a long way away from fully functional or something to that effect. I'm not sure how they got the train over or if they are waiting on parts or there is other damage that needs to be repaired, etc.

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Was at the park yesterday and the train was not on the lift hill anymore. Talk about crowded! Wow!!

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Can you link that video from Reddit?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Also, lolz at the comments that say the ride is down for the season because of this disastrous malfunction.

Yea some people are just plain full of it talking about needing to get it approved by the state again and completely recommission the ride, doing hundreds of cycles with each train, etc. Admittedly, I'm not an expert, but I don't think any of that has been required for a chain break in the past. Perhaps if the ride is being modified somehow, that might be the case. I don't believe anyone was hurt in this incident so was it even reported to the state at all? 100 cycles per train should take less than a day to get done too if you figure about 15 cycles per hour.


Especially with how it easy it is to hit interval when there are no pesky guests in the way.

Any updates on Gatekeeper? Is it back up running?

I'm surprised at the lack of chat on this subject. This ride being down does affect the rest of the ride lines of course especially on crowded days.

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There's a lack of chat because this site has like 7 active members.

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