Maverick Shoulder Harness

After riding Maverick 5 times this past weekend, how many others have experienced bruises on their shoulders/arms from the shoulder harness jabbing you? I still love the coaster but about everyone in my party felt that same thing about the harnesses.

And now I can see why the Heartline Roll was removed. You probably would have been thrown out of the seat more into that harness going thru that turn.

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I have found that if you ride Maverick in "proper riding position"... aka "Arms Down, Head Back, and Hold On"... it actually keeps alot of the discomfort away. I normally only put my hands out on the inversions and on the two major airtime hills... Through the turns and stengel dives, I just hold on and brace myself.

Works like a charm.

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^I do the same as Josh.

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Well you know us crazy fools who like to throw our hands in the air. LOL But yes after riding it multiple times...I also found it best to hold onto the shoulder harness at your shoulders then the handle bars on your lap.

I've only ridden once so far, but I found it more comfortable to hang on to the harness itself rather than the bars on the lap anyway. Maybe it's because I have really long arms, but I found it awkward and uncomfortable to hang on to the bars.

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I too like to put my hands up on most rides. Some moments in rides are so much better with hands up (3rd hill on Magnum, All of MF, TTD, etc.) But there are some rides that I much prefer with my hands down.... like Shivering Timbers, Cornball Express (at IB), and Maverick. These rides have that "beat you up" quality that I love, but I prefer to have some resistance against it. Putting my hands up forfeits that, and usually leads to some battle scars.

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I kept banging my left arm on the handle on the OSR when I rode it 15+ times one day. I had a huge bruise too. I now hold onto the harness up by my ears and keep my head a bit out of the harness to prevent my head banging around. It is hard to do that through the launch tunnel though!

No bruises from this last weekend (rode Maverick 2 times).

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I've ridden 5 times - (once getting stuck in the tunnel for 30 minutes) The only time I got a little banged up was on a night run - when I was defending my face from bugs! :) I found that if I am sitting in the correct-recommended position and use my upper body strength - no issues with the shoulder harness.

I Didn't get banged up at all. I found it VERY comfortable actually if you ride with your head back and hands holding onto the shoulder harness. I put my hands up on the airtime hills though cuz those don't hurt. I knew beforehand to not ride the whole ride with my arms up because of what others have said. But, there are absolutley no problems if you ride with your head back and holding on.

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Dont put your hands up going out of the launch tunnel..thats painful but yeah like Josh M. said..if you only put them up at certain times ull be fine.

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I think if my shoulders went up to the top of the shoulder harness I would be okay too. I have a 4 inch gap from my shoulders to the top of the shoulder harness so I have to ride with my head sticking out to prevent banging my head around.

I love this ride, and it is one of my favorites at CP. I will gladly ride it over and over and over.

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Josh pretty much has it down (pun intended:)). I do the same and it doest take anything away from the experience besides making the ride more comfortable.

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Unlike all of you I just deal with the little pain on the ride which is just minor headbanging for me.

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I do the exact same thing as Josh M.. On the sharp turns and stengal dive i hang on tight, but then any other time i have my hands up!! its still an awsome ride!

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I started to ride Maverick on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, the second day of its public operation. I have ridden it a total of 7 times (spread out pretty evenly) since then, and my bruse is still nice and green on my right upper arm, right where the OTSR's would be (having your hands up, of course).

Nothing on my Left, though. :D

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Yeah, I had my hands up the entire time for three Red Cross rides and later that evening I noticed (and felt) the bruises on my shoulders. Since then I don't leave my hands up for the entire ride, although it's hard to resist putting them up at times. Definitely easier on the body if you hold onto the restraints.


I know what your talking about. When I ride the very back its a bit more intense of a ride and u get whipped around. I had my hands up and it hurt alot. When I went on the front however, it didn't have a whip like on the back and I found I could have my arms up without worry of pain.

Praying for a rollback...

I've ridden Maverick once so far. My shoulders come about an inch from the harness. I did notice some red marks after the ride. My shoulders banged on the top of the restraints on every corner.



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you guys are a bunch of pansies. haha just kidding. I only got to ride it once, and I kept my hands up the whole time and had no problem. But I'm 6'6" so there's only a little free space for me to move around vertically.

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I rode Mave with my 3 others sisters and for some reason they wanted to raise their arms during the ride. While going up the hill I was hanging on tight and thought they were crazy for doing such a thing! I should of said something because I had read some of the reviews about Maverick before going to the park that day. My sisters ended up with bruises like those in Highwaydude's party.

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